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This is the first English/Chinese bilingual corpus with Public Relations (news releases, company profile, mission statement, social responsibility report) and business (product literature, tourist, advertisements) texts for learning purposes in the world. A total of about 102,000 words are handled, amounting to 52 pages of bilingual texts. All the texts are annotated, highlighting the proper nouns, the cultural items, the keywords, the sentence structure, and rhetorical devices. Learners can choose to read a monolingual text, or a bilingual text, hover on certain proper nouns, expressions or sentences to learn about the translation, and analyse the translation strategies. They can be more familiar with the vocabulary, expressions, language style, text format and translation strategies employed in a related field. Teachers can show the monolingual segments (words, expressions, sentences, etc.) for students to translate as exercises. The platform is open to the public, and accessible to teachers and students all over the Greater China region (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) anytime, anywhere, individually or collectively.

The project was kindly supported by the funding of the one-off Special Grant for Strategic Development of Virtual Teaching and Learning (VTL) by the University Grants Committee of the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, as well as the Department of Translation, and Chung Chi College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

We are grateful to the companies or organisations who generously granted us the permission to use their bilingual texts for this corpus.

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BOCHK obtained all business qualifications of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect

中國銀行(香港)(「中銀香港」)宣佈已獲香港中央結算有限公司(「香港結算」) 委任為「深港通」下「深股通」項目的獨家結算銀行
Bank of China (Hong Kong) (“BOCHK”) announced that it was appointed the sole Settlement Bank for the Northbound Trading of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect by the Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited (“HKSCC”).

In addition, BOCHK collaborated with its parent bank, Bank of China, in obtaining approval for the cross-border fund settlement business for the Southbound Trading of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect. BOCHK is a designated bank of the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited (CSDCC) for settlement and currency exchange services. It is also the sole designated bank for CSDCC at HKSCC.

So far, BOCHK has obtained all the aforesaid business qualifications of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

Mr Yue Yi, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of BOCHK, said, “The Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect is another important initiative to strengthen the connection between the capital markets in the Mainland of China and Hong Kong.

BOCHK is pleased to obtain all the business qualifications again following that of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. We will capitalise on our RMB franchise and extensive experience from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect to provide quality and efficient financial services to customers. This will facilitate the development of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect business and promote the steady growth of the offshore RMB market.”

BOCHK will optimise and extend its quality settlement services for the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect to the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect. By capturing opportunities arising from the deepening of financial reform and the opening-up of China, BOCHK is committed to contributing to the further development of the status of Hong Kong as an international financial centre.

中銀香港推出物業估值區塊鏈技術 成功完成首宗物業估值案例
BOCHK launched Blockchain technology for property valuation and successfully completed the first property valuation case

Bank of China (Hong Kong) (“BOCHK”) today announced the launch of Blockchain technology for property valuation and completed the first case with its partnered surveyor.

The new technology can speed up the valuation and loan approval processes and enhance operational efficiency, representing a major step in fostering the development of financial technology in Hong Kong.

Blockchain technology helps strengthen data traceability and ensure data accuracy, by creating and transmitting cryptographic information using the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

As a result, banks can save costs by streamlining the validation process of valuation results, while property surveyors will help promote green finance as property valuation paper reports are no longer required.

Mr Rocky Cheng, General Manager of IT Department of BOCHK, said, “BOCHK is currently partnering with two property surveyors.

To promote the application of Blockchain technology, we are planning to invite more surveyors and other banks to participate in order to enrich the content of the property valuation information.

是次成功推出物業估值區塊鏈技術,實有賴香港金融管理局 (「金管局」)的支持。
We would like to thank Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) for its strong support to the launch of Blockchain technology for property valuation.

BOCHK will strive to bring more innovative ideas to the application of financial technology in the financial industry. This will benefit both financial institutions and consumers and promote the development of financial technology in the industry.”

Mr Shu-pui Li, Executive Director of HKMA, said, “HKMA is pleased to see the materialising of the value proposition of DLT and the proof-of-concept work involving the use of DLT in actual banking business.

Today, we would like to congratulate BOCHK on applying DLT successfully to the property valuation process which forms an important part of the mortgage loan application process.

Such use case and lessons learned are also crucial for other proof-of-concept work currently underway in Hong Kong.

In this connection, the HKMA will continue to encourage banks to harness new innovative technologies and devise new solutions to enhance user experience and operational efficiency, while ensuring customer and investor protection at the same time.”

In addition to property valuation in the mortgage loan application, BOCHK will continue its effort to explore and study for further applications of Blockchain in other areas, including trade finance, digital ID management and cross-border payments.

BOCHK Brunei Branch celebrates its grand opening
Deepening ASEAN integrated services and expediting regional transformation

On 20 December, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited Brunei Branch (“BOCHK Brunei Branch”) celebrates its grand opening, making it the first Chinese financial institution to establish a presence in Brunei Darussalam (“Brunei”).

Including the BOCHK Brunei Branch, Bank of China (“BOC”)’s overseas offices, branches and subsidiaries now cover 49 countries and regions across six continents, having the most extensive global network among the Mainland financial institutions.

The grand opening ceremony of the BOCHK Brunei Branch was held in the prestigious Empire Hotel & Country Club in Brunei. Honourable guests including Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Kerna Dato Seri Setia (Dr.) Haji Awang Abu Bakar bin Haji Apong, Minister of Home Affairs of Brunei; Yang Mulia Awang Yusof bin Haji Abdul Rahman, Managing Director of Authoriti Monetary Brunei Darussalam; Her Excellency Madam Yang Jian, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Brunei Darussalam; Mr Xu Luode, Executive Vice President of BOC and Mr Lin Jingzhen, Deputy Chief Executive of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (“BOCHK”) attended.

Pehin Abu Bakar, Minister of Home Affairs of Brunei, said in the ceremony, “Both Brunei Darussalam and China has a long tradition of friendship.

In line with Brunei’s Vision 2035 and China’s Belt and Road Initiative, there are many areas of cooperation and common goals between the two countries.

Today marks the start of the first Chinese financial institution in Brunei. BOC is well known as one of the leading banking groups globally and provides comprehensive and professional banking services to customers from corporates to individuals.

I believe BOC will help Brunei to satisfy its demand for achieving Vision 2035.

I am also glad to know that BOC is implementing its strategy to transform BOCHK into a competitive regional bank.

I look forward to BOCHK’s great success by providing more choices to Brunei financial markets and customers, as well as its unique contribution to the development and prosperity of this beautiful country.”

Her Excellency Madam Yang Jian, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Brunei Darussalam, said, “BOC’s presence in Brunei marks a new stage of cooperation between China and Brunei.

On the back of the continuous upgrading of China’s relations with ASEAN countries, BOC is expanding its business in Southeast Asia.

The relationship between China and Brunei is excellent and the bilateral cooperation is expanding in many fields.

I believe that BOCHK Brunei Branch will provide quality financial services to Bruneian as well as Chinese enterprises, serve the local society, and promote the economic and trade cooperation between China and Brunei.”

Mr Xu Luode, Executive Vice President of BOC, said, “The establishment of the Brunei Branch is meaningful and far-reaching.

First, it rides on the trend of deepening cooperation between our two countries and will be instrumental in driving further bilateral economic, trade and financial cooperation.

Second, it enables BOC Group to extend its service coverage to all ten ASEAN countries with a more comprehensive and convenient suite of financial services to customers in this region.

Looking forward, BOCHK Brunei Branch will capitalise on its unique characteristics and strengths to serve as an ambassador between our two countries.

Leveraging BOC Group’s competitive edges, Brunei Branch will provide customers in Brunei, ASEAN, Asia and around the world with onshore and offshore financial services, especially RMB, trade finance and private banking services. It endeavours to become a mainstream bank in the local market.

While providing financial services, we will also focus on effective risk control and building up good corporate image. We will strive to become a role model in compliance with the financial regulatory requirements for market practitioners.”

Mr Lin Jingzhen, Deputy Chief Executive of BOCHK, said, “BOCHK Brunei Branch is the first overseas institution established under the BOCHK brand. It is an important milestone in BOCHK’s overseas expansion and will facilitate BOCHK’s transformation from a local bank in Hong Kong into a regional bank in Southeast Asia.

The year 2017 will mark the centenary of BOC’s presence in Hong Kong. Leveraging its profound overseas experience, solid foundation and strong capital position, BOCHK will tap into the opportunities arising from the establishment of the Brunei Branch. We will further ride on our strengths in cross-border services to offer comprehensive financial services to corporates in both countries, multinational companies, government and financial institutions, as well as personal customers. We are always here to fully support the business development of the Group’s ASEAN institutions along the Belt and Road.”

Located in the heart of ASEAN, Brunei is an important country along the Belt and Road. With a strategic geographic position, it is rich in oil and gas resources. Brunei is politically and economically stable, with favourable investment environment and well-developed infrastructure.

In recent years, the Brunei Government is actively diversifying its economy and has introduced a number of measures to attract foreign investments, bringing increasingly more Chinese companies to Brunei.

Setting up a branch in Brunei, BOCHK will leverage its mature financial products, expertise and high-end services capabilities to develop its ASEAN business. We endeavour to provide customers with quality and professional financial services to help them better capture the business opportunities.

BOCHK will adopt an integrated regional management approach in BOCHK Brunei Branch and other ASEAN institutions to enhance the BOC Group’s overall business strength and competitiveness in the ASEAN region.

BOCHK Brunei Branch, with Mr Wang Xiaolin as the CEO, provides financial services including corporate banking, syndicated loan, RMB services, cash management, trade finance, non-bank financial institution and public sector services as well as personal banking.

該分行位於Kiarong Jaya Komplek, Lot No. 56244, Simpang 22, Jalan Dato Ratna, Kampong Kiarong, Bandar Seri Begawan BE1318, Brunei Darussalam,客戶查詢電話:+ 673 2459888。
BOCHK Brunei Branch is located in Kiarong Jaya Komplek, Lot No. 56244, Simpang 22, Jalan Dato Ratna, Kampong Kiarong, Bandar Seri Begawan BE1318, Brunei Darussalam. For customer enquiries, please contact + 673 2459888.

Banking services commence at 8:45 am until 4:00 pm from Monday to Thursday. On Friday the branch opens from 8:45 am to 12:00 pm, and from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The branch is closed on Saturday, Sunday, public holiday and from 3:00 pm onwards during Ramadan.

BOCHK wins the Best SME’s Partner Gold Award

Bank of China (Hong Kong) (“BOCHK”) received the Best SME’s Partner Gold Award 2017 from the Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business (“HKGCSMB"), in recognition of our long-standing support to the small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) in Hong Kong. Being the best partner of SMEs, BOCHK has been helping SMEs explore business opportunities and promoting healthy economic growth, creating a win-win situation for all parties.  BOCHK has won the Best SME’s Partner Award from HKGCSMB for ten years in a row.

Mr Sander Yau, Deputy General Manager of Commercial Banking Department of BOCHK, said, “2017 marks the centenary of BOC’s service to Hong Kong. As a bank deeply rooted in Hong Kong, BOCHK will continue to provide comprehensive financial services to industrial and commercial customers and lend tremendous support to the development of SMEs through continuous product innovation and cross-border financial service enhancement, our extensive local branches and commercial centres, and professional services team.”

Since 2016, BOCHK has adopted branch network transformation strategy to fully capitalise on the Group’s most extensive branch network in Hong Kong, which expanded our service coverage from a retail focus to a comprehensive range. We upgraded our service capabilities to better serve corporate and personal customers with an integrated platform for a better customer experience.

In addition, leveraging the extensive local and global network of our parent bank Bank of China, BOCHK supports the “BOC Global SME Cross-border Investment Matching Service” that serves as an innovative platform to promote investment, technology exchange and trade cooperation among SMEs in the Mainland of China, Hong Kong and overseas. It helps SMEs to tap business opportunities arising from the Belt and Road national strategy.

The judging panel of the Best SME’s Partner Award consists of government officials, business leaders and academic representatives. The participants have been assessed based on their performance in product and service offerings, customer communication as well as corporate social responsibility.

BOCHK has been highly commended by the judging panel for our customer-centric spirit and commitment to provide comprehensive financing and banking services to customers.

BOCHK named the Strongest Bank in Asia Pacific and Hong Kong by The Asian Banker for four consecutive years

Bank of China (Hong Kong) (“BOCHK”) is named the Strongest Bank in Asia Pacific and Hong Kong 2017 by The Asian Banker. These honours have been granted to the Bank for four consecutive years in recognition of its solid financial performance and ability to continuously increase profitability.

The Asian Banker commended, “BOCHK remains as the Strongest Bank in Asia Pacific and Strongest Bank in Hong Kong in 2017, based on a very detailed and transparent scorecard that ranks commercial banks in the Asia Pacific Region. The Bank’s score increased from 4.14 in the previous year’s evaluation to 4.46 this year (the maximum score is 5) in the annual ranking of AB500 Strongest Banks by Balance Sheet.

Despite substantial pressure on banks in the region to maintain profitability, BOCHK maintained strong capital and liquidity positions and sound asset quality, and also recorded improved balance sheet growth and better profitability.”

The Group continues to enhance its profitability. While driving strong business growth, the Group maintains sound financial position, strengthens its risk management frameworks comprehensively and improves its credit quality. All these lay a solid foundation for healthy and sustainable business development of the Group in the future.

In the first half of 2017, profit attributable to the equity holders of the Group amounted to HK$17,216 million. Profit attributable to the equity holders from continuing operations increased by 24.5% year-on-year to HK$14,627 million, achieving a new high since the Company’s listing.

The Group maintained solid capital position, with the Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio at 17.66%, and the total capital ratio at 21.76%. While carefully managing its assets and liabilities, the Group delivered satisfactory operating results by proactively capturing business opportunities, introducing innovations and transformations, and promoting regional and sustainable development.

Since 2007, The Asian Banker has been publishing its ranking of the 500 Strongest Banks in Asia Pacific every year based on their balance sheet strength. The assessment ranks the commercial banks in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, based on six performance indicators, namely, scale, balance sheet growth, risk profile, profitability, asset quality and liquidity. This comprehensive evaluation honours the most outstanding bank in each of the countries and regions and names the top performer among those winning banks as the Strongest Bank in Asia Pacific.

BOCHK has entered into Agreements with BOC in relation to transfer of the Vietnam Business and the Philippines Business

BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Limited (“BOC Hong Kong (Holdings)”) today announced that Bank of China (Hong Kong) (“BOCHK”) has entered into Agreements with Bank of China (“BOC”) in relation to the transfer of the Vietnam Business and the Philippines Business respectively, as part of the restructuring exercise of the BOC Group in the ASEAN region.

The consideration for the proposed transfer of the Vietnam Business is USD152 million (equivalent to approximately RMB 997 million, calculated using the agreed exchange rate in respect of the Vietnam Agreement Note).

The consideration for the proposed transfer of the Philippines Business is PHP 4.4026 billion (equivalent to approximately RMB 597.40 million, calculated using the agreed exchange rate in respect of the Philippines Agreement Note).

Completion of each of the proposed transfers is conditional upon the satisfaction (or, if applicable, waiver) of its respective conditions precedent including the obtaining the requisite approvals from domestic and overseas regulatory authorities. For details, please refer to the announcement.

Mr Yue Yi, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive of BOC Hong Kong (Holdings), said, “BOC HoChiMinh City Branch and BOC Manila Branch were established in 1995 and 2001 respectively, both branches offer a wide range of commercial banking products and services. The proposed transfers will help us provide better financial services to local customers and further expand our network in the ASEAN region.

ASEAN markets are experiencing rapid growth with substantial development potential, particularly from the opportunities arising from initiatives such as the Belt and Road, RMB internationalisation and Mainland enterprises going global.

We will continue to leverage BOCHK’s sophisticated financial product platform, expertise and high-end services capabilities to make BOC HoChiMinh City Branch and BOC Manila Branch become a mainstream bank in local markets, and enhance BOC Group’s overall business strength and market competitiveness in the ASEAN region.”

With the proposed transfers of the Vietnam Business and the Philippines Business, together with the previous acquisitions of subsidiaries and/or businesses from BOC in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia, as well as the establishment of the Brunei Branch, BOCHK is transforming into an internationalised regional bank.

Note: The amounts will be paid in cash at completion in Hong Kong dollars, using the then applicable HKD-CNH exchange rate mutually agreed by the parties on an arm’s length basis.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Named the Bank of the Year in Hong Kong 2017

Bank of China (Hong Kong) (“BOCHK”) is named the Bank of the Year in Hong Kong 2017 by the British magazine The Banker in recognition of its innovation capability, broad-based strength and consistently solid performance. BOCHK has been granted the award for the third time.

The Banker congratulates BOCHK on being named the Bank of the Year in Hong Kong and commends the Bank for showing strong returns, innovative new products, and programmes targeting the more vulnerable segments of Hong Kong’s population.

BOCHK’s stellar performance was achieved by making remarkable progress in transforming itself from a local bank into an internationalised regional bank through asset restructuring of Bank of China and the Bank in the ASEAN region; and by deepening local market penetration through upgrading its branch service capabilities, driving innovation and FinTech development, and enhancing business diversification.

BOCHK sees great business opportunities ahead, especially those arising from the Belt and Road Initiative, RMB internationalisation, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area construction and Mainland enterprises going global.

BOCHK will implement its regional and diversified development strategies unswervingly to capture these opportunities by leveraging its competitive edge in local market as well as RMB and cross-border business, so as to make great strides.

The Banker is the world’s premier finance media from the UK. Established in 1926, it maintains an extensive database of more than 4,000 banks, providing data and analysis of banking and finance industry to the readers in over 180 countries.

The Banker’s annual Bank of the Year Awards, now in their 18th year, aim to honour top performing banks which set new standards for their local industries by adopting new technology or implementing innovative, cost-efficient strategies to expand their businesses.

Alternate Collection Arrangement of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Centenary Commemorative Banknote

Bank of China (Hong Kong) (the “Bank”) will arrange alternate collection from 18 to 31 January 2018 (the “alternate collection period”) for successful applicants who have not yet collected the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Centenary Commemorative Banknote (the “Commemorative Banknote”).

From 14 January 2018, the Bank will notify successful applicants individually of the alternate collection arrangement (the “Notice of Alternate Collection Arrangement”) by the notification method they selected at subscription (SMS, email or post). Such information will also be available on under “Check Application Result”.

Within the alternate collection period, successful applicants shall collect the Commemorative Banknote at the designated branch as specified in the Notice of Alternate Collection Arrangement during business hours, which are 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. For collection, successful applicants should bring along the original of their Hong Kong Identity Card and the Notice of Alternate Collection Arrangement.

Successful applicants may also appoint an agent (the “Authorised Agent”) to collect the Commemorative Banknote(s) on their behalf. Such Authorised Agent must:

有關補領安排的詳情,可於2018年1月14日早上9時起瀏覽。如有查詢,請致電查詢熱線 (852)39882100。
From 9am, 14 January 2018, details of the alternate collection arrangement will be available on For enquiries, please call our Enquiry Hotline on (852) 3988 2100.

Notice on system upgrade

Bank of China (Hong Kong) (“BOCHK”) is committed to providing high-quality services to customers through the implementation of its strategy of transforming itself into an internationalised regional bank.

To this end, the Bank will perform an upgrade to a new multinational, multi-time zone and multi-language system with increased capabilities in new product development. This enables us to offer customers more diversified and high-quality products and services, and facilitates the Bank’s business development in the Southeast Asian region.

The system upgrade has undergone careful planning and deployment, thorough preparation and testing. An independent third-party consultant was appointed to carry out evaluation and assessment to ensure a smooth upgrade and the absolute accuracy of customers’ banking records in the Bank.

In addition, the Bank always attaches great importance to information security, strictly abides by relevant regulations in its daily operation and properly handles customers’ personal data.

Adhering to its customer-centric philosophy, the Bank has scheduled the system upgrade at a time causing less interruption to customers and thanks customers for their understanding and support.

The system upgrade will be conducted from 11pm on 31 March 2018 (Saturday) to 3pm on 1 April 2018 (Sunday).

E-banking services and self-service machines will be temporarily suspended during the period. The Bank has notified customers through different channels. Customers are advised to make transactions, such as cash withdrawal, funds transfer and bill payment, in advance if necessary.

Details on service suspension are as follows:

During ATM service suspension, emergency cash withdrawal service will be arranged for cardholders of BOC Card or BOC Credit Card (with linked bank account) at designated branches from 9am on 1 April (Sunday) in case they have an immediate need for cash withdrawal.

The number of designated branches was also increased from seven to 12 to offer customers greater convenience.

Customers are requested to present their personal identification documents and BOC Card/BOC Credit Card when withdraw cash over the counter.

The designated branches are as follows:



Central District (Wing On House) Branch

B/F-2/F, Wing On House, 71 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

North Point Branch

Shop B & C, G/F, King's Towers, 480 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Aberdeen Branch

25 Wu Pak Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Mong Kok Branch

589 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon

Hoi Yuen Road Branch

55 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

Metroplaza Branch

Shop 260-265, Metroplaza, 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories

Tuen Mun Town Plaza Branch

Shop 2, Tuen Mun Town Plaza phase II, Tuen Mun, New Territories

Yuen Long Branch

102-108 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long, New Territories

Tai Po Branch

68-70 Po Heung Street, Tai Po Market, New Territories

Sha Tin Branch

Shop 20, Level 1, Lucky Plaza, 1-15 Wang Pok Street, Sha Tin, New Territories

Cheung Chau Branch

53-55 Tai Sun Street, Cheung Chau

Hong Kong International Airport Branch

Unit 7T075, Passenger Terminal Bldg, Hong Kong International Airport

Remark: During this period, the above designated branches will only provide cash withdrawal service. Other banking services will not be available.

For enquiry, please call our Customer Service Hotline (852) 3988 1830.

BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) 2017 results reach a new high Profit attributable to equity holders from continuing operations increases by 15.9%

BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Limited (“the Company”, stock code “2388”; ADR OTC Symbol: “BHKLY”) today announced its 2017 results.

With 2017 marking the centenary of Bank of China’s (“BOC”) service to Hong Kong, the Company and its subsidiaries (“the Group”) earnestly carried out the Board of Directors’ decisions. We also strived for steady advancement in our operations and management.

本集團的市場地位和品牌形象進一步提升,第三次榮膺英國 《銀行家》「香港區最佳銀行」,並連續第四年獲《亞洲銀行家》評為「亞太及香港區最穩健銀行」。
As a result, we enhanced our brand and market position. We were awarded Bank of the Year in Hong Kong for the third time by The Banker in the UK and the Strongest Bank in Asia Pacific and Hong Kong for the fourth consecutive year by The Asian Banker.

Record high earnings with solid performance in major financial indicators

In 2017, the Group again achieved a record high profit from continuing operations, further expanded its asset size and recorded solid performance in its financial indicators.

Profit attributable to equity holders from continuing operations rose by 15.9% from 2016 to HK$28,481 million.

The Board of Directors has recommended a final dividend of HK$0.758 per share for 2017. Together with the interim dividend and the special dividend, the full-year dividend will be HK$1.398 per share.

The total dividend payout ratio will be 48.4%, excluding the special dividend.

The final dividend declaration is subject to the approval of shareholders at the Annual General Meeting to be held on 27 June 2018.

As of 31 December 2017, the Group’s total assets increased by 12.4% from the end of 2016 to HK$2,645,753 million.

Return on average shareholders’ equity (“ROE”) on continuing operations and return on average total assets (“ROA”) on continuing operations stood at 13.49% and 1.14% respectively, both higher than in 2016.

The asset-liability structure was optimised, with net interest margin (adjusted) rising 5 basis points from 2016 to 1.44%. Net interest income grew by 33.4%, while net fee and commission income increased by 7.8%. Commission income from securities brokerage and funds distribution increased significantly by 34.3% and 34.0% year-on-year respectively.

The Group remained focused on disciplined cost control to enhance operational efficiency while continuing to invest in its infrastructure to support long-term growth. The cost to income ratio stayed at a low level of 28.10%, down 1.27 percentage points year-on-year, with better cost efficiency compared to the industry peers.

主要業務增長良好 加大金融科技創新
Satisfactory growth in major businesses and intensified Fintech innovation

The Group continued to seize opportunities, leverage its professional service capabilities and proactively develop its businesses, with satisfactory growth in major businesses.

As of the end of 2017, deposits from customers and advances to customers grew to HK$1,774,297 million and HK$1,144,459 million respectively, up 16.5% and 15.8% from the end of 2016.

The amount of new mortgage loans was the highest in recent years, and we secured the largest market share of the Reverse Mortgage Programme.

Moreover, we ranked first as mandated lead arranger in the Hong Kong and Macao syndicated loan market for the 13th consecutive year, and maintained the largest market share in the initial public offering (“IPO”) receiving bank business for the 7th consecutive year.

We fully leveraged our status as the RMB clearing bank in Hong Kong and continuously enhanced our clearing facilities.

In 2017, the total transaction volume processed via the RMB RTGS system exceeded a total value of RMB210 trillion, well ahead of the world’s other offshore RMB markets.

We supported the implementation of Bond Connect and acted as the sole designated bank of the Hong Kong Central Moneymarkets Unit, as well as becoming Bond Connect’s sole channel for the settlement of cross-border funds.

The Group increased resources for Fintech innovation and advocated financial inclusion for the general public.

Constant breakthroughs in the application of innovative technologies such as blockchain, biometric authentication and big data have been made. We actively promoted the development of smart branches and launched a new official BOCHK WeChat account and a mobile application for BOC Life. Both the number of customers using e-channels and the number of transactions recorded satisfactory growth.

We continued to optimise the BOCHK iService 24-hour video banking service and introduced payment services such as WeChat Pay to further enhance customer experience.

推進區域化發展 深化跨境聯動
Promoting regional development and enhancing cross-border collaboration

The Group’s strategy has been well implemented and all major initiatives were carried out effectively.

We completed the share transfer of Chiyu Bank and pushed forward the restructuring of our Southeast Asian institutions in an orderly manner. The branches and subsidiaries in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines have been integrated into the Group, while our self-established Brunei Branch runs smoothly.

區域化管理成效初顯,已併入機構的整體盈利、總資產、客戶存款和客戶貸款 均有可喜表現。
Regional management started to bear fruit, as the institutions that have joined us achieved laudable performance in terms of overall profitability, total assets, deposits from customers and advances to customers.

Capitalising on the opportunities arising from the Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development, we promoted synergistic development and enhanced cross-border collaboration among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

We acted as the Chairman of a committee within BOC for promoting such collaborative development and progress has been made. We introduced the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Business Registration and Banking Services Connect, in cooperation with BOC Guangdong Branch and the Guangdong Province Administration for Industry & Commerce.

防範各類風險 推行銀行文化改革
Preventing risks and promoting a sound corporate culture

The Group diligently performs its duties in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Continuous efforts are made in enhancing standards and practices in respect of risk management, internal control and anti-money laundering (“AML”).

We strictly adhered to regulatory requirements by introducing reforms to our banking culture, promoting a sound corporate culture in order to facilitate the implementation of our development strategy.

Liquidity remained sound and asset quality was further improved.

Classified or impaired advances to customers decreased by 8.9% from the end of 2016, and the classified or impaired loan ratio stood at 0.18%, well below the market average.

We further enhanced the Group’s AML measures so as to achieve more effective control.

The Group is building a regional risk management system to enhance the risk management and internal control capabilities of its Southeast Asian institutions.

Looking ahead, the Group will closely follow BOC Group’s strategic goal to “Build a Worldclass Bank in the New Era”.

Capitalising on the important national opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative, RMB internationalization and the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, we will capture the promising business prospects brought about by the mutual connectivity of financial markets between the mainland and Hong Kong and give full play to Fintech trends.

We will continue to expand our businesses and enhance our operations management, striving to “Build a Top-class, Full-service and Internationalised Regional Bank”.

We have mapped out a series of measures and business strategies.

These include stepping up the restructuring of our Southeast Asian institutions to promote regional development, speeding up technological innovation and product development to promote digital development, and accelerating the building of diversified platforms and the integration of the commercial banking and investment banking businesses to promote development on all fronts.

In addition, we will deepen market penetration in Hong Kong, promote financial inclusion, focus on Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao interconnectivity for BOC Group and step up cross-border business development.

We will ensure sustainable and steady development by strengthening risk management as well as compliance and internal control. More efforts will be made to improve management fundamentals and staff team building, so as to enhance our governance capability.

We will proactively fulfil our social responsibility and promote our brand image.

With the goal of making a greater contribution to enhancing Hong Kong’s status as an international financial centre and promoting its long-term stability and prosperity, the Group will continue to provide practical support to the HKSAR Government in governing and executing its policies in accordance with the law.

We believe that, by virtue of the Group’s century-old foundations and the great strength of our brand, we will gradually develop into a top-class, full-service and internationalised regional bank, and continue to deliver greater value for our stakeholders, writing a new chapter of our development for the new era.

Highlights of 2017 Results

Key income statement figures

Key balance sheet figures

For details of the 2017 results, please refer to the Company’s announcement.


In 1917, Bank of China established its presence in Hong Kong. A century ago, our scale was small with fewer than 10 employees. Today, we are a mainstream banking group with the most extensive branch network in Hong Kong. We have not only played a vital role in Hong Kong’s economic development but also contributed to its stability and prosperity.

中國銀行(香港)有限公司(「中國銀行(香港)」或「中銀香港」) 是一家在香港註冊的持牌銀行
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (“Bank of China (Hong Kong)” or “BOCHK”) is a locally incorporated licensed bank.

In 2001, the Bank of China Group in Hong Kong was restructured. We combined the businesses of 10* of the 12 banks in Hong Kong originally belonged to the Bank of China Group. In addition, we held shares in Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited (“NCB”), Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited (“Chiyu”) and BOC Credit Card (International) Limited, all of which incorporated in Hong Kong.

To implement the overseas development strategy of Bank of China Group, we completed disposal of all of our interests in NCB and Chiyu in May 2016 and March 2017 respectively. In addition, we strive to drive our regional development by expanding our business in the Southeast Asian region. Our branches and subsidiaries have been extended to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei, Vietnam and the Philippines, with the provision of professional and high-quality financial services to local customers. We will also expedite our development into a top-class, full-service and internationalised regional bank.

BOCHK has strong market positions in all major businesses. We have the most extensive local branch network and diverse service platforms in Hong Kong, including approximately 200 branches, more than 250 automated banking centres, efficient e-channels of over 1,000 self-service machines, as well as Internet and Mobile Banking services. We offer a comprehensive range of financial, investment and wealth management services to personal, corporate and institutional customers. BOCHK is one of the three note-issuing banks and the sole clearing bank for Renminbi (“RMB”) business in Hong Kong.

With our strong RMB franchise, we are the first choice for customers in this business. Through the deep collaboration with our parent bank, Bank of China, we provide a full range of high-quality cross-border services to multinationals, cross-border customers, mainland enterprises going global, central banks and super-sovereign organisations.

BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Limited, BOCHK’s holding company was incorporated in Hong Kong on 12 September 2001. We began trading on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 25 July 2002 and we are one of the largest listed companies and commercial banking groups in Hong Kong, with stock code "2388", ADR OTC Symbol "BHKLY".

* 十家銀行包括中國銀行香港分行,七家內地成立銀行(廣東省銀行新華銀行中南銀行金城銀行國華商業銀行浙江興業銀行鹽業銀行)的香港分行,以及香港註冊的華僑商業銀行寶生銀行
* The 10 banks include Bank of China Hong Kong Branch, the Hong Kong branches of the seven banks incorporated in the Mainland of China (The Kwangtung Provincial Bank, Sin Hua Bank Limited, The China & South Sea Bank Limited, Kincheng Banking Corporation, The China State Bank Limited, The National Commercial Bank Limited and The Yien Yieh Commercial Bank Limited), as well as two locally-incorporated banks, Hua Chiao Commercial Bank Limited and Po Sang Bank Limited.

Our Vision, Mission and Values (VMV)

We believe that a strong corporate culture inspires passion among employees in what they do. In order to reach a higher level of business performance, new vibrancy has to be injected into our corporate culture.

After careful formulation and thorough discussion, the Board approved the Group's Vision, Mission and Core Values (VMV), the bedrock of our corporate culture, in 2004.

With this initiative, we have embarked on building a coherent and bank-wide corporate culture and spirit that will motivate us and move us forward in the 21st century.

我們的願景 是﹕您的最佳選擇
Our Vision is to be YOUR PREMIER BANK

我們的使命 是﹕
Our Mission is to:

我們的核心價值觀 是﹕
Our Core Values are:

將本集團的使命英文部分每句首個字母組成中國銀行的英文縮寫 「B.O.C.」;核心價值觀的英文部分每句首個字母組成精神的英文「S.P.I.R.I.T.」,兩者組合成「中銀精神」(BOC SPIRIT) - 訊息簡單但鏗鏘有力,鼓勵我們全體員工發揮團隊精神,邁向共同目標。
Combining the initials of Mission and Core Values, we have "BOC SPIRIT" - a simple yet powerful message that all our employees can identify with and work together as a team towards corporate goals.

Assessment of CSR Issues

To ensure that the Report covers CSR issues that are material to the Group and addresses its stakeholders’ key interests appropriately, we have engaged an external professional body to design and conduct a series of stakeholder engagement activities and make reference to the disclosure practices of our peers in the banking industry. This helps to prioritise the material issues to be included in the Report.

Materiality Assessment

1. 識別
1. Identification

參考社會政策行業標準最佳實踐媒體報告GRI《G4可持續發展報告指引》香港聯交所的《環境、社會及管治報告指引》,以及金管局 於年內最新發佈的《銀行企業文化改革》通函指引等,識別出本集團應予以考慮的社會責任議題。
A list of CSR issues was identified by making reference to social policies, industry benchmarks and best practices, media reports, GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines , HKEx ESG Guide and the latest guidelines on Bank Culture Reform issued by the HKMA during the year, etc.

2. 評估
2. Evaluation

takeholders of the Group, including employees, customers, investors, regulators, professional institutions, charity partners and media organisations were invited to participate in the evaluation process.

Stakeholders shared their views with us via interviews and online surveys. The importance of CSR issues was then evaluated.

Major peer banks’ CSR reports were analysed to assess the importance of these issues to the banking industry.

3. 排序及確認
3. Ranking and Confirmation

Issues were ranked according to the corresponding scores resulted from stakeholders’ evaluation and peer banks analysis.

The results were submitted to the CSR Committee for review and confirmation. The material issues and related performance are disclosed in different sections of this Report, as well as other reports published by the Group.

History of Council

Council's History at a Glance

From testing of edible oil to online Apps on diesel auto fuel, from wet market food prices to purchase of residential flats, since its inception in 1974, the Consumer Council has resolutely pursued its mission, and for over 40 years, closely followed the progress of consumer rights. Join us on this journey of time to bear witness to those memorable moments. 
由食油測試到柴油Apps, 從街市行情到置業處境, 消費者委員會1974成立至今,堅守使命, 四十年來心繫全港市民消費權益同路見證歲月點滴。 

The 70s

Established in 1974, the Consumer Council was tasked with the function to deal with issues of consumer rights arising from the purchase and use of goods. The founding Chairman was the Hon. Sir Y.K. Kan.

In 1975, its functions was extended to cover also services. In the same year, it became a member of the then IOCU (International Organization of Consumers Unions), and inaugurated its consumer advice service – first in Asia – with a Consumer Advice Centre respectively in the Wanchai and Shamshuipo City District Offices.





The 80s

The rapid changes of the Hong Kong society led to a major shift in the area of consumer concerns from basic livelihood necessities to a whole diverse range of goods and services, necessitating a wider field of consumer protection and new initiatives of the Consumer Council.

Notably, the Travel Agents Ordinance came into operation in 1986 enabling greater protection to the growing number of outbound holiday travelers.

In mid-80s, the Council stepped up its publicity sanctions against dishonest traders to deter malpractices and alert the public.



The 90s

In 1992, the then Governor Chris Patten defended strongly (in the Policy Address) the importance of a free market in Hong Kong. To this end, the Council set up a working party to study the unfair anti-competition business practices in some market sectors .

The study was crucial and instrumental in heralding in a new era of competition in Hong Kong. Most significantly, it led to the ultimate liberalization of bank interest rates and the telecoms services bringing direct benefits to the consumer public at large.




The 00s

Into the new millennium, the financial service sector came into focus as one of major consumer issues. In 2008, the number of consumer complaints leveled against the sector rose sharply to a total of more than 40,000 cases, a tenfold increase, including 8,274 cases relating to the defunct global Lehman Brothers.

One other controversy concerned the indemnity cost clause in credit card agreement which allegedly was in contravention of the Unconscionable Contracts Ordinance. The Court of Appeal and the Monetary Authority were both concerned in view of the public interest in this issue.









The 2010s

The Council entered into the 2010s with considerable fruitful progress particularly in the area of consumer protection legislation.

Notably, the mandatory nutritional labelling on prepackaged food in 2010, the Competition Ordinance in 2012, the Trade Descriptions (Unfair Trade Practices) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 and the Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance were passed into law by the Legislative Council to strengthen legal protection of consumers.

The ever-changing society has brought with it new issues of concern such as Internet shopping, the ageing population and consumer rights of the elderly, sustainable consumption…no doubt these will be our main focus of work in the years ahead.




Mission and Functions


To be the trusted voice in striving for consumer betterment towards safe and sustainable consumption in a fair and just market.


The Council is committed to enhancing consumer welfare and empowering consumers to protect themselves.

Consumers include consumers of goods and services and purchasers, mortgagors and lessees of immovable property.

This is to be achieved through initiatives directed at the consumers; the private sector; and networking with other stakeholders, such as the media and government.

Core Values


The Consumer Council Ordinance prescribes the following functions for the Council:-

Uniquely sky100

Discover Hong Kong from an elevated perspective at sky100 and be delighted by these extraordinary experiences that will make your Hong Kong journey one you will never forget.
在天際100 以嶄新的視角探索香港,讓這些非凡體驗 令您的天際之旅更加難忘!

The unrivalled 360-degree Views

Situated at the centre of the Hong Kong, a city famed for its breathtaking skyline by day or night, sky100 is the only indoor observation deck in town offering full 360-degree views from the tallest building in the city, ICC. You can take in the magnificent views at different times of the day while enjoying the comfort of being in an all weather proof indoor environment, away from the crowds.
香港的天際線,不論晝夜,景色均令人嘆為觀止。天際100 是香港唯一的室內觀景台,提供全天候觀景體驗,讓您可在全港最高大廈 (環球貿易廣場),遠離煩囂,360 度欣賞日夜環迴全景。

Your Ride to the Sky

Soaring to 100th floor in just 60 seconds with the fastest double-deck elevator in the city. It only takes 1 minute to reach sky100 at 393-metres above sea level where you can submerge yourself in an unobstructed bird's-eye view of Hong Kong. 天際100擁有全港最快的雙層電梯,只需 60 秒即可直達 100 樓觀景台,讓訪客恍如衝上雲霄!登上位於海拔393米的天際100,即可無阻擋地鳥瞰 香港及維多利亞港兩岸的景色。

Sky-high Fun

By combining breathtaking views with intriguing Hong Kong stories and fun interactive experiences, sky100 is taking the observation deck experience to a whole new level.
天際100 結合迷人的景色鮮為人知的香港故事及有趣的互動設施,把觀景體驗提升至一個全新的層次

Discover fascinating local tales and anecdotes at the multimedia story wall; have fun at the Sky High Tech Zone where you can immerse into the VR Experiences that leaves you suspended in the air while enjoying panoramic vista outside ICC. With sky100’s Mobile App AR Fun Photo, you can even glide over Hong Kong’s skyline!
多媒體互動故事牆探索引人入勝的香港故事;在「天際動感虛擬體驗區」,透過VR技術,讓您體驗猶如置身ICC窗外懸浮半空,欣賞香港全景; 開啟天際100手機應用程式內的AR趣味相片功能,甚至讓您可以在香港的天際翱翔

Café 100 by The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

There is nothing better than enjoying the spectacular skyline while savouring a range of delectable delicacies at Café 100 by The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong. Commanding boundless sea views and captivating sunsets, Café 100 is the perfect place for family gathering, birthday celebrations or a romantic dinner.
Café 100您可一邊欣賞廣闊的海景懾人日落,一邊品嚐由香港麗思卡爾頓酒店製作的精緻美食,不論是家庭聚會、慶祝生日或是與摯愛享受浪漫的晚餐, Café 100 都是不二之選

Special dining packages are available exclusively online, book now!

Take Home A Piece of Hong Kong

sky100 hand-picked a variety of exclusive souvenirs and merchandises with Hong Kong flairs, whether it is the ultimate collector’s item; a model of ICC, or simply a cute plush toy that touches your heart, we have something for all budgets and tastes.

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Picture Perfect

Let our professional photographers capture your best look against our stunning skyline and add some special effects to make your happy moments even more memorable.

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Mobile App

sky100 mobile app allows you to enjoy the beautiful Hong Kong skyline at anytime and also enhances the experience of your sky100 journey.

You can watch the latest time-lapse video captured at sky100 which will be updated from time to time. You can also take fun-filled photos in Hong Kong style photo frames.

When you visit sky100, an amazing experience of augmented reality (AR) is at your fingertips!
到訪天際100時,更可透過AR擴增實境功能 ,拍出超乎想像的有趣照片!

"Love is in the sky" Light Show

Enjoy an unprecedented visial treat against the backdrop of victoria harbour's famed nightscape and sparkling lights.

Every night begins at 7:00pm.
每晚 7 時開始。

Experience Hong Kong’s Everyday 5G New Normal
率先體驗 香港5G生活新常態

Since Hong Kong 5G’s introduction in 2020, it has attained full Hong Kong coverage in an incredibly short time.

It currently holds the third highest coverage globally, second only to mainland China and South Korea.

The SmarTone “5G LAB@sky100” is now open, giving you a chance to experience various 5G applications while enjoying the unparalleled, unobstructed 360-degree view of the Hong Kong skyline, entering the 5G new era!
SmarTone 「5G LAB@天際100」現已開幕,讓你可一邊眺望全港獨有的360度無阻擋美景,一邊試玩各種5G科技應用,走進5G新生活!

Sky High Tech Zone

A virtual dynamic world allowing you to discover Hong Kong in a new perspective through the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.


With sky100 mobile app and the AR card received when visiting sky100, you can take interactive AR photos of yourselves with a mini ICC projected on your palm.
配合天際100手機應用程式和入場時獲贈的AR 咭墊,即可與像真度極高的迷你環球貿易廣場合照。

What's more? At the Sky High Tech Zone, you can now glide over Hong Kong's skyline and even reach the rainbow or the moon above the giant AR version of ICC projected from the floor.
於「天際動感虛擬體驗區」,還有巨型 AR 環球貿易廣場及玩味十足的 AR 特效讓您翱翔於香港天際線,盡情拍下生動有趣的互動合照;從此飛越維港、擁抱彩虹或摘下天上的明月都可於天際100輕鬆實現!


You can now experience flying up high to 393 metres above sea level with the cutting edge VR technology. After putting on the VR headset and sit in the specially designed VR Chair, you will find yourself suspended in the air, overlooking the beautiful day and night scenery exclusively at sky100!
戴上 VR 眼鏡及坐上腳下懸空飛行椅,即可進行 360 度 VR 飛行體驗,於海拔 393 米環迴俯瞰天際100獨有的日與夜美景!

Day-time VR journey allows you to feel the difference in changing weather conditions like getting through the ocean of clouds, admiring the sunset view as it changes according to seasons and even feel the power of the tropical cyclone; while night-time journey amazes visitors with view of the moon over the harbour, spectacular fireworks and light show right in front of you!


With the support of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, sky100 and the acclaimed virtual reality (VR) experience design house TimeLooper are proud to introduce "VR Time Travel: Step into Old Hong Kong" micro films.
天際100聯同國際知名虛擬實境(VR) 體驗設計公司 TimeLooper香港旅遊發展局,推出「VR 時光倒流香港遊」微電影,

Cutting-edge VR technology was employed to recreate a 360-degree panorama of classic scenes of Hong Kong, i.e., Hollywood Road crowded with rickshaw pullers in the 1960s, and the neighbourhoods around Kai Tak Airport in the 1980s.
利用虛擬實境技術攝製360度影片,分別重現 60 年代聚滿攤販和人力車伕荷李活道,還有80年代啟德機場一帶的樓房天台。

Visitors can instantly 'step into' the old days of Hong Kong to watch up close exciting kung-fu fighting and feel aircraft flying right over your head on the Kowloon rooftops!

SmarTone "5G LAB"

Experience it Hong Kong’s Everyday 5G New Normal
率先體驗 香港5G生活新常態

Since Hong Kong 5G’s introduction in 2020, it has attained full Hong Kong coverage in an incredibly short time.

It currently holds the third highest coverage globally, second only to mainland China and South Korea.

"5G LAB" is coming to the highest indoor observation deck sky100, giving you a chance to experience various 5G applications while enjoying the unparalleled, unobstructed 360-degree view of the Hong Kong skyline, entering the 5G new era!

"5G LAB" consists of multiple exhibition zones spanning approximately 5,000 square feet.

From smart homes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) recognition, industrial safety devices to ultra-smooth e-Learning, it showcases a profusion of 5G applications with photo-worthy hotspots and exciting 5G experiences.
智慧家居人工智能 (AI) 識別技術工業安全裝置,到超流暢網課等5G應用應有盡有,更設多個拍照「打卡位」及刺激好玩的5G體驗

This is the spot for adults and children alike to learn more about 5G and enjoy some family fun; for tech lovers to explore new and innovative technologies; and for you to dive into a weekend of entertainment!

Grab your friends now, come experience the latest 5G applications and make every day smarter!

Opening Hours: SmarTone “5GLAB@sky100” opens daily from 10:00 to 20:00 (except “Real-time 5G Driving Battle” which is closed at 19:00).
開放時間: SmarTone 「5GLAB@天際100」開放時間為每日上午10時晚上8時 (「實時遙距5G駕駛對決」除外﹐體驗於晚上7時結束)。

Queueing of some interactive experience may be stopped earlier than the closing time, depending on queue length.

5G VR Cycling Race
5G VR單車賽

Ever been in a race on the Tsing Ma Bridge?

Better yet, go on an overseas cycling tour and rev up for a “street race” no matter what the weather’s like!
這裡更可帶你衝出香港 來個單車之旅,畀你全天候「鍊返轉」!

Come and experience it now!

Real-time Cross-Terrain 5G Smart Health
實時跨地域的 5G 智慧醫療

When it’s life-and-death, every second counts!

Put on a white coat, instruct medical technicians on the ambulance remotely and assess the patient in real-time using 5G, all the way from the hospital!

Click to the Future
1 Click瞬移未來城市

Step into future construction plans from mere blueprints!

Come and see how 5G can “teleport” the future to you!

VR Scaffolding Freefall

VR technology is used to create a 360⁰ panoramic virtual space, accessible through a pair of VR glasses. Stand on top of a teetering scaffolding, feel your stomach drop and your adrenaline surge!
利用 VR 技術,360度全方位包圍著你,戴起眼鏡即進入立體空間,站在搖搖欲墜的棚架上,身在平地都Feel到震撼離心力,包你腎上腺素飆升!

The Safest Ever Photo Hotspot

Snap a selfie with the most hardworking hat!
難得有頂史上最強的安全帽,立刻 Selfie一張先!

It comes with 5G IoT sensors for construction management teams to monitor workers’ conditions site-wide and identify potential danger.
佢配備5G IoT感應儀器,令地盤管理團隊即時了解工人狀況,察覺危機。

Experience the power of artificial intelligence with this truly award-winning helm05t!

Real-time 5G Driving Battle

Take the wheel at sky100, floor the gas and control the very real remote-control cars, miles away in Cyberport, to battle against opponents from afar!

Smart Retail

in the 5G era, management a sizeable, high-traffic retail stores becoming more instantaneous and digitized.

Smart Transport

To promote the green transport initiative in Hong Kong, KMB has already installed solar panels on buses and bus stops.

In addition, KMB plans to gradually introduce 500 electric buses to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution.

Top Nearby Attractions

sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck at the International Commerce Centre(ICC) not only offers magnificent views of the city and its famous Victoria Harbour, but is also centrally located next to major entertainment venues, premium shopping and delectable dining establishments.
天際100 香港觀景台位處於環球貿易廣場,不但前臨醉人的維港美景,更雲集琳琅滿目的尊尚娛樂熱點頂尖名店星級食府,呈獻非凡的消閒體驗。

The tower’s direct link to the city’s extensive MTR network and different modes of public transport used throughout Hong Kong makes sky100 a perfect one-stop entertainment hub at the heart of the city.

Want to learn more about where to go in Hong Kong?

Download Smart Trip Planner now, your personal trip planner and local guide for you to experience Hong Kong at ease!
立即下載您的個人旅行計劃者和本地指南 —— 「自訂行程助手」查看,讓您輕鬆遊覽香港!


ELEMENTS, artfully designed by the respected Benoy architectural firm, brings together over one million square feet of premium shopping. The mall subtly reveals thematic structures inspired by the five Chinese elements, while hosting some internationally acclaimed brands and services. Find flagship stores from premier names in fashion and lifestyle goods, as well as fine-dining choices to suit every taste.
由著名建築師樓Benoy精心打造的尊尚購物商場圓方,設計裝潢巧妙融合金、木、水、火、土五行元素,匯集成超過 100 萬平方呎的購物空間。圓方駐有多間享譽國際的知名品牌旗艦店及商店,帶來優質華貴的高級時裝、珠寶首飾、時尚精品,加上中外國際高級食肆,呈獻無可比擬的優越消閒體驗。

Sky Dining 101

Sky Dining 101, located on the 101st floor of the ICC, hosts delectable Asian gourmet dining set against the glamorous cityscape of Hong Kong Four well-respected restaurants, Dragon Seal, Inakaya, Odyssée, Tenku RyuGin and The Sky Boss, ensure visitors are treated to culinary delights that impress the palate and eyes. Plan a truly memorable meal with a unique sky-high ambience for your next visit!
天際美食殿堂 Sky Dining 101 位於環球貿易廣場101層,薈萃四間頂級食府,讓食客品嚐亞洲風味佳餚,同時悠然飽覽香港的日夜景致。四間著名食府﹕龍璽田舍家Odyssée天空龍吟波士廳 • 101,讓您盡嚐星級美饌,配以令人歎為觀止的迷人景色,結合成一道視覺與味覺的饗宴,令人回味無窮。

Ritz Carlton

Why not stay at the pinnacle of the ICC as a privileged guest during your trip in Hong Kong?

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong has spacious, luxuriously appointed rooms and suites outfitted with impeccable comforts and technological features, set against splendid panoramas of the metropolis.

W Hong Kong

Located next to the ICC, the W Hong Kong is the brand’s first hotel in greater China. 393 contemporary rooms and suites immerse guests in the W’s signature Whatever/Whenever® service, capped by Asia’s first Bliss® spa replete with a mesmerising rooftop pool.
香港W酒店毗鄰環球貿易廣場,是W品牌在大中華地區之第一家酒店,共設有393間別具時代感的客房,更為住客提供標誌性的隨需/隨時 (Whatever/Whenever®) 服務。酒店設有亞洲首間Bliss® Spa及可欣賞維港景致的天際游泳池,讓住客沉醉在無與倫比的感官體驗。

New Embossed Stamps and Commemorative Gold Coin
Pixar Fest @Harbour City
Pixar Fest @海港城

Following the opening on 30 Jun, Pixar Fest, co-organized by Harbour City, Disney and Pixar, has become the talk of the town.
海港城迪士尼彼思攜手舉辦的香港首個Pixar Fest,自6月30日開幕起大受歡迎。

From 23 Jul, Pixar Fest is bringing to fans and visitors new surprises, releasing 12 brand new commemorative stamps featuring Pixar characters.
Pixar Fest 的驚喜源源不絕,由7月23日 起,大會將加入新的元素,推出12款全新角色圖案壓印

Upon completion of a mission, visitors can also redeem the Limited-Edition Commemorative Gold Coin in August.

Meanwhile, a range of new exclusive Pixar Movie-Themed Merchandise will be available at the Pop-Up Store.

12 Brand New Commemorative Embossed Stamps Featuring Pixar Characters’ Images
12款壓印換上新圖案 集齊印章有驚喜

Harbour City has two routes planned out for visitors to complete the movie journey with a perfect touch. Visitors can get a Pixar Fest Postcards Set (total of 12 Postcards), travel to all Embossing Stamp Station Hotspots spanning the mall to emboss, and collect commemorative stamps on different postcards for memories.

From 23 Jul (tomorrow), the 12 stamps will have a new look, switching from Pixar’s movie logos to the characters’ images.

Don’t miss out on the final chance to come to take home the latest stamps’ collection!

Route to Collect Commemorative Embossed Stamps


Redeem one Pixar Fest Postcards Set (total of 12 Postcards) with HK$50. Alternatively, register as a Harbour Cityzen member and show the staff all stamped postcards (all commemorative stamps must be embossed correctly on the corresponding postcards) to redeem one Pixar Fest poster with an extra HK$20.
以HK$50即可換購電影紀念明信片1套12張;向工作人員展示已壓印的12張明信片 (所有紀念章必須正確地壓印於相應的明信片上) ,登記成爲Harbour Cityzen會員,可額外以HK$20換購Pixar Fest海報1張。

Time: 11am – 8pm


1. Ocean Terminal Main Concourse
1. 海運大廈展覽大堂

2. Atrium I, Gateway Arcade
2. 港威商場大堂I


All net proceeds from “Pixar Fest” will benefit Make-A-Wish Hong Kong.

Complete the Mission to Win a Pixar Fest @Harbour City Commemorative Gold Coin
完成任務 換領限量版「Pixar Fest @海港城紀念金幣」

To celebrate Pixar’s 35th Anniversary, Harbour City and Pixar are introducing a Pixar Fest @Harbour City Commemorative Gold Coin in August.
為慶祝彼思動畫製作室成立35週年,海港城與彼思將於8月特別推出限量版「Pixar Fest @海港城紀念金幣」

The design of the Coin and the envelope is inspired by the Pixar Ball and Lamp. Embossed on the back of the Coin is the logo of Pixar Fest.
金幣及封套均以彼思標誌性的Pixar Ball and Lamp為設計靈感,而金幣背面則是Pixar Fest. 的活動標誌。

Each of the limited 4,000 Gold Coin comes with a serial number, making it even more unique and valuable as a memento.

The Gold Coin is not for sale. Visitors can get hold of such a collectible item by completing a special “Mission” in five simple steps!

Immerse in the Movie World at Five Classic Scene Check Points Incorporated with AR Photo Check-Ins
5大人氣電影場景結合AR拍照體驗 猶如置身電影世界

Apart from taking pictures on-site with the movie characters’ statues, you can also capture the hidden characters through augmented reality (AR) at five check points, including Finding Dory, Incredibles 2, Monsters University, Toy Story 4 and Up. Immerse in the world of Pixar’s animations and take pictures with the characters just as you are in the movies!
大家除了可於各個場景實地與電影主角裝置打卡合照外,更可以於其中五個場景,包括《海底奇兵2》《超人特工隊2》《怪獸大學》《反斗奇兵4》《沖天救兵》,透過擴增實境 (AR) 技術與不同角色互動。

Brand New Exclusive Pixar Movie-Themed Merchandise Available at Pixar Fest Pop-Up
Pixar Fest 期間限定店 加推會場限定彼思電影主題商品

The Pixar Fest Pop-Up Store offers over a thousand types of Pixar Movie-Themed Merchandise. It is now adding nearly a hundred new exclusive products, including eco-bags, phone cases, power banks, tote bags and T-shirts.
Pixar Fest 期間限定店有過千款彼思電影主題商品供選購,7月下旬起更會加推出近百款獨家主題商品,包括環保購物袋、手機殼、行動電源、手挽袋及T恤等,粉絲萬勿錯過!

There is also a Jumbo Size Lotso CosRider, and the photo spots of Toy Story, Incredibles 2 and Monsters, Inc. for visitors to recreate their favorite carnival moments!
此外,現場設有Jumbo Size的勞蘇CosRider,以及《反斗奇兵》、《超人特工隊2》和《怪獸公司》的打卡影相位,讓你有如在樂園遊玩一樣的體驗!


Time: 12nn – 9pm

Location: Ocean Terminal Main Concourse

Register for Consumption Voucher to Get HK$800 Coupons for FREE

Upon successful registration of the Government’s electronic consumption voucher and selecting AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK or Tap & Go to receive the vouchers, shoppers can redeem HK$400 Shopping Coupons for FREE at Harbour City & Times Square once respectively (Total Value: HK$800) during the promotional period from 5 Jul to 5 Sep 2021. Shoppers can also receive various merchant offers upon successful registration via specific links.
顧客只需成功登記並以AlipayHKTap & Go「拍住賞」領取政府電子消費券,於05/07/2021 – 05/09/2021的推廣期內,無需任何消費,即可分別到海港城時代廣場免費換領HK$400購物優惠券各一次(總值HK$800);以專屬連結登記更可額外專享不同商戶優惠!

Harbour City & Times Square X AlipayHK Details of Specific Offer
海港城及時代廣場 x AlipayHK 專屬連結及優惠詳情

Upon registration as AlipayHK new users via “Harbour City & Times Square X AlipayHK Specific Link”, shoppers can get HK$70 welcome offer (including two HK$35 coupons) that can be used at over 30 designated sports outlets in Harbour City & Times Square).
凡透過「海港城及時代廣場X AlipayHK 專屬連結」登記成為AlipayHK新用戶,即可獲贈總值HK$70迎新獎賞,包括海港城及時代廣場HK$35電子禮券兩張,於兩大商場超過30間指定運動用品商戶使用。

Upon successful registration of the Government’s Consumption Voucher and selecting AlipayHK to receive the vouchers, shoppers can get a chance to receive one HK$50 coupon for use at city’super in Harbour City & Times Square.
成功登記並以AlipayHK領取政府電子消費券,有機會換領海港城及時代廣場city’super HK$50電子禮券一張。

Click HERE to register at specific link

Click HERE for list of designated sports outlets

Harbour City & Times Square X WeChat Pay HK Details of Specific Offers
海港城及時代廣場 x AlipayHK 專屬連結及優惠詳情

Upon registration as AlipayHK new users via “Harbour City & Times Square X AlipayHK Specific Link”, shoppers can get HK$70 welcome offer (including two HK$35 coupons) that can be used at over 30 designated sports outlets in Harbour City & Times Square).
凡透過「海港城及時代廣場X AlipayHK 專屬連結」登記成為AlipayHK新用戶,即可獲贈總值HK$70迎新獎賞,包括海港城及時代廣場HK$35電子禮券兩張,於兩大商場超過30間指定運動用品商戶使用。

Upon successful registration of the Government’s Consumption Voucher and selecting AlipayHK to receive the vouchers, shoppers can get a chance to receive one HK$50 coupon for use at city’super in Harbour City & Times Square.
成功登記並以AlipayHK領取政府電子消費券,有機會換領海港城及時代廣場city’super HK$50電子禮券一張。

Click HERE to register at specific link

Click HERE for list of designated sports outlets

Harbour City & Times Square X WeChat Pay HK Details of Specific Offers
海港城及時代廣場 x WeChat Pay HK 消費券專屬登記連結及優惠詳情

Upon successful registration of the Government’s Consumption Voucher and selecting WeChat Pay HK to receive the vouchers via “Harbour City & Times Square X WeChat Pay HK Specific Link”, shoppers can receive one HK$40 coupon that can be used at over 100 designated beauty brands in Harbour City & Times Square; and get a series of shopping offers at Facesss, LCX and other brand brands.
凡透過「海港城及時代廣場 X WeChat Pay HK專屬連結」成功登記並以WeChat Pay HK領取政府電子消費券,可獲贈海港城及時代廣場HK$40電子現金券一張,於兩大商場超過100個指定美容品牌使用;同時可專享FacesssLCX及其他美容品牌之購物禮遇。

Click HERE to register at specific link

Click HERE for list of designated beauty outlets

Harbour City & Times Square X Tap & Go Details of Special Events
海港城及時代廣場 x Tap & Go「拍住賞」特備節目詳情

Upon participation of game in mobile wallet of Tap & Go from 28 Jun 2021, successful registration of the Government’s Consumption Voucher and selecting Tap & Go to receive the vouchers, shoppers can get a chance to join a special event at Harbour City in July.
Tap & Go「拍住賞」用戶只需6月28日起於手機錢包內參加問答遊戲,並成功登記及以Tap & Go「拍住賞」 領取政府消費券,即有機會於7月參與在海港城舉辦的特備節目。

Click HERE to Download Tap & Go Mobile Wallet to Get the Game Details
立即按此下載Tap & Go手機錢包及了解遊戲詳情

Harbour City Coupon Redemption Details

Date: 05/07/2021 – 05/09/2021
日期:05/07/2021 – 05/09/2021

Time: 12:30pm – 9:00pm

Location: Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City (Near Shop GW 2404 DARPHIN)
地點:海港城港威商場2樓 (近GW 2404號舖 DARPHIN)


1. Register as HARBOUR CITY Members (Members) via and verify the mobile number. Each shopper can only register as Member once only.
1. 於免費登記成為HARBOUR CITYZEN 會員 (會員) 並驗証流動電話號碼, 每位顧客只登記成為會員1次。

2. Members will get one e-Pass of Consumption Voucher Registration Rewards in “My Wallet”after log-in.
2. 會員登入後,「我的錢包」會獲發消費券登記獎賞「電子通行証」1張。

3. Onsite login to show the membership page with verified mobile number, and SMS of successful consumption voucher registration to the same mobile number sent by Government (forwarded SMS is not accepted).
3. 即場登入會員頁面,並顯示已驗証之流動電話號碼的會員頁面及由政府發出予相同流動電話號碼之消費券成功登記短訊 (轉發短訊恕不接受)。

4. Onsite staff will burn the e-Pass after confirming all details; and Members can redeem 4 pcs of Harbour City Rewarding Every Day HK$100 Shopping Coupons (Total Value: HK$400). Each Member can enjoy the Consumption Voucher Registration Rewards once only during the promotional period.
4. 現場職員確認資料後會核銷會員之「電子通行証」,會員可獲贈海港城Rewarding Every Day HK$100購物優惠券4張 (總值HK$400) ,每位會員於推廣期內只可換領消費券登記獎賞1次。

3 days in Sydney
悉尼3日遊 (一)

Discover Sydney’s glistening waterways and charming inner-city precincts before indulging yourself in the Hunter Valley wine region.
探索悉尼閃閃生光的水域和迷人的內城區,然後到獵人谷(Hunter Valley)葡萄酒產區享受人生。

By Ellie Schneider
Ellie Schneider撰寫

Visit the glistening harbour, kick back on sun-kissed beaches and dine at city hotspots, enjoying the best that Sydney has to offer.

Then, on your final day, take a leisurely drive to the Hunter Valley, where you’ll sample some of the country’s finest wines.
然後,在行程最後一天,自駕暢遊獵人谷(Hunter Valley),品嚐澳洲頂級葡萄酒。

What to expect

See dawn break from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
在悉尼海港大橋(Sydney Harbour Bridge)上欣賞日出美景。

Soak up sea air on the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk.

Take your pick from more than 120 wineries in the Hunter Valley.

Fast facts

Time: 3 days

Distance: 170 kilometres (105 miles)
路程距離: 170公里(105英里)

Transport: car
交通: 汽車

Price: $$$

Day 1: Get your culture fix around Sydney Harbour


Wake up early to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and watch the sun rise above the horizon as you ascend to its summit, 134 metres (440 feet) above sea level.

Once Sydney awakens, wander through the nearby cobblestone laneways of The Rocks.
待天亮後,在悉尼市內岩石區(The Rocks)鋪砌鵝卵石的街巷漫步。

This is one of modern Sydney's oldest neighbourhoods, but its history stretches back generations before the arrival of British settlers in the late 1700s.

Take a strikingly intimate guided walk with Dreamtime Southern X to discover the area's Aboriginal heritage and learn about the enduring connection Aboriginal people have with Sydney's land, waterways and foreshores.
參加Dreamtime Southern X的步行導賞團,在親切的導遊帶領下探索區內原住民文化遺產,並了解原住民與悉尼水土和海濱地區的密切連繫。

If you're visiting over the weekend, The Rocks Markets showcase original artworks and handmade jewellery.
如在週末遊覽悉尼,可到岩石區市集(Rocks Markets)欣賞原創手工藝品和首飾,沿路繼續漫步便會抵達環形碼頭(Circular Quay)。

Keep strolling and you will arrive at Circular Quay, where you can visit the inspiring Museum of Contemporary Art, or take an Aboriginal Heritage Tour through Sydney's picturesque Royal Botanic Gardens.
在此,您可走進當代藝術博物館(Museum of Contemporary Art)參觀令人眼界大開的展品,或參加原住民文化遺產導賞團(Aboriginal Heritage Tour),在悉尼風光如畫皇家植物園(Royal Botanic Gardens)中追尋文化足跡。

Also try:

After you climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, catch a ferry from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo Sydney to spend the morning with the elephants.
攀登完悉尼海港大橋後,在環形碼頭(Circular Quay)乘坐渡輪到悉尼塔龍加動物園(Taronga Zoo),與大象一起度過一個早上。


Catch a taxi from Circular Quay to the restaurant hub of Potts Point.
在環形碼頭乘搭的士到餐廳匯集的帕茲角(Potts Point)。

Sit down to a leisurely lunch at The Butler, enjoying share plates such as charred prawns and tuna tartare.
The Butler餐廳坐下來輕鬆地享用一頓午餐,與親友分享美食,包括烤大蝦和吞拿魚他他。

From The Butler it’s an easy 15-minute stroll to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, which is home to Australian masters and renowned Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.
從The Butler出發,漫步15分鐘即可到達新南威爾士州藝術館(Art Gallery of New South Wales),館內展示無數澳洲藝術大師作品以及知名的原住民和托雷斯海峽島民藝術作品。

The Australian Museum, located in the inner-city suburb of Darlinghurst, holds one of the finest and most fascinating collections of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artifacts.
而位於達林鶴斯(Darlinghurst)內城區的澳洲博物館(Australian Museum)亦有展出原住民和托雷斯海峽島島民的精美手工藝品。

In the evening, catch a performance at the Sydney Theatre Company at Walsh Bay.
黃昏時,您可到華素灣(Walsh Bay)的悉尼戲劇團(Sydney Theatre Company)觀賞表演。

But before hand, drop by the Theatre Bar at the End of the Wharf for a pre-show drink; its terrace boasts some of the best views in the city.
在觀賞表演前,不妨先到碼頭盡處(End of the Wharf)的Theatre Bar舉杯暢飲,從酒吧露台欣賞悉尼的城市美景。

Get a good night's sleep at one of Sydney’s countless city hotels – in fact, you’ll find the elegant Pier One Sydney Harbour right next door.
悉尼市內酒店林立,讓您在舒適的環境中安睡,而優雅Pier One Sydney Harbour酒店就在劇院旁邊。

Day 2: See world-famous Bondi Beach


Head to Bondi Beach where you can swim or sign up for a surf lesson with Let's Go Surfing.
前往邦迪海灘(Bondi Beach)暢泳,或報名參加Let's Go Surfing舉辦的滑浪課程。

Afterwards browse the boutique shops along Gould Street – including cult fashion store Tuchuzy – and sit down for one of Sydney's most famous breakfasts, Bills' ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter.
之後,沿著古爾德街 (Gould Street )閒逛多間精品商店,包括著名流行時裝店Tuchuzy ,並到Bills餐廳享用悉尼其中一款最著名的早餐美點,品嚐香蕉蜂窩牛油軟芝士熱香餅。

Walk off the indulgent meal on the winding three-kilometre (1.9-miles) cliff top walk from Bondi to Bronte.

Insider tip:

If you're visiting Bondi on a Sunday, pick up vintage clothing and pieces by local designers at the Bondi Markets on Campbell Parade.
如您在星期日來邦迪遊玩,不妨到訪坎貝爾大道(Campbell Parade)的邦迪市集(Bondi Markets),搜羅本地設計師出品的復古服飾


Explore the hip inner-city suburbs of Paddington and Surry Hills.
探索新潮帕丁頓(Paddington)和薩里山(Surry Hills)內城區。

Wander down Oxford Street to Sydney's fashion strip known as 'The Intersection', where you'll discover premium Australian labels including Bassike and Camilla and Marc.
沿牛津街(Oxford Street)閒逛至名為「十字路口」(The Intersection)的悉尼時裝區,搜羅BassikeCamilla and Marc澳洲高級品牌服飾

The leafy suburb of Surry Hills is a 15-minute walk from here and home to some of the city's hottest tables.
而薩利山(Surry Hills)這個綠樹成蔭的市郊距離這裡只有15分鐘步行路程,那裡亦是城中一些最受歡迎的餐廳所在地。

Book well in advance for Nomad and Firedoor.

Otherwise, you can enjoy a casual pub meal at Trinity Bar or the Clock Hotel on Crown Street.
或者轉往克朗街(Crown Street),在Trinity BarClock Hotel 享用休閒酒吧美食

Also try:

Enjoy sunset drinks and fresh oysters at Opera Bar before catching a performance at the Sydney Opera House.
黃昏時分,在Opera Bar享用飲品和新鮮生蠔,然後在悉尼歌劇院(Sydney Opera House)欣賞表演

The Sydney Opera House presents more than 450 performances each year, spanning classical music, comedy, theatre, dance and more.

Day 3: Enjoy luxury among the vineyards in the Hunter Valley


One of Australia’s most prominent wine regions, the Hunter Valley, is located just a two-hour drive north of Sydney.
澳洲其中一個最知名的產酒區—獵人谷(Hunter Valley)就在悉尼以北,相距約兩小時車程。

Hire a car from the city or join a tour to visit some of its 120 wineries.

Sample fine semillon in Lovedale or team shiraz with handmade rind and white mould cheeses in Pokolbin.
拉伍達樂 (Lovedale)品嚐優質的賽美蓉 (Semillon)酒,或者前往波克爾賓 (Pokolbin),以果皮和白黴芝士配上設拉子 (shiraz)葡萄酒一同品嚐。

If you are looking for an activity that takes you beyond the bottle, book a hands-on cooking class at Estate Tuscany, where you'll learn to prepare a delicious three-course meal, making the most of the region's fabulous local produce.
托斯卡尼莊園 (Estate Tuscany)除品酒外,您亦不妨參加他們的烹飪班,學曉利用當地精美食材炮製3道菜式,大快朵頤。

If you'd rather discover close by country or coastal towns, take your pick from one of many other destinations around Sydney.


The Hunter Valley offers countless activities to keep you busy.

Tee off in one of the region’s three championship golf courses, horse ride across the rolling countryside or bushwalk through the rugged Yengo National Park to visit Aboriginal cultural heritage sites.
區內有三個錦標賽級的高爾夫球場 [KW],讓高球愛好者一展身手,遊客亦可在遼闊的郊野騎馬奔馳,或者乘坐熱氣球在葡萄園上空欣賞四周美景。

Browse the galleries and antiques at historic villages of Morpeth, Wollombi and Broke.
在崎嶇的燕勾國家公園(Yengo National Park)叢林中健行,沿路漫步至原住民文化遺跡,或到莫佩思(Morpeth)、臥龍比(Wollombi)和布洛肯(Broke)等古鄉參觀美術館並細賞古董展品。

Afterwards be pampered at one of the Hunter’s many day spas before spending the night at five-star luxury resort, Château Élan at The Vintage.
之後,到獵人谷的多家日間水療中心好好享受,然後入住五星級豪華度假村Château Élan at The Vintage

From the Hunter Valley, you can drive two hours back to Sydney or explore other incredible wine regions in New South Wales, like Orange and Mudgee.

Alternatively, continue your journey up the east coast of Australia to indulge in a bit of coastal bliss.

Australia’s trendiest food and drink experiences

From foraging for your own dinner to reviving ancient winemaking techniques, 2020 is all about taking food and drink back to its roots.

Unpretentious, authentic and pared back – the latest trends on the Australian culinary scene can just as easily be used to describe the passionate Aussies that are leading the charge.

Get a glimpse into how Australia is looking to the past for the latest trends.

Foraging for your own dinner

The rise of culinary tourism gives visitors an authentic taste of a place, with everything from urban foraging to oyster shucking.

It shares the story of a destination by putting local produce in the hands of visitors, who can experience its provenance in a unique and intimate way.

Rob Pennicott, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys
潘尼戈自然之旅的Robert Pennicott

"We are the only operator in Australia who has a licence to harvest wild abalone and prepare on the boat.

Guests can touch and feel the produce, see it prepared and enjoy the freshest seafood possible."

Enjoy seafood straight from the water

In Tasmania, jump on board with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys for their Seafood Seduction Tour.
塔斯曼尼亞,您可參加潘尼戈自然之旅海鮮誘惑之旅(Seafood Seduction Tour)。

You’ll shuck oysters straight from the sea and cheer on your guide as he dives for abalone and sea urchin.

Back on board, you’ll enjoy an incredible seafood feast with the fruits of your morning gatherings.

Rock lobster, abalone, sea urchin, mussels, oysters, sashimi, salmon – all paired with a gourmet spread of fresh local bread, salads and artisan cheeses, and matched with premium local wines.

In Coffin Bay, in South Australia’s Eyre PeninsulaOyster Farm Tours will take you wading out into the crystal blue waters for a hands-on shucking lesson and taste of fresh Pacific and native Angasi oysters straight from the clear, rippling waters.
在南澳州艾爾半島(Eyre Peninsula)哥芬灣(Coffin Bay),您可參加蠔場之旅(Oyster Farm Tours),出發前往清澈的大海中央,學習親手開蠔,並品嚐從碧波蕩漾的大海中即撈即開的新鮮太平洋和原生阿格司生蠔(Angasi oyster)。

Harvest native ingredients

Winter in Australia is truffle season and the climatic conditions near Canberra and in the Margaret River region are ideal for growing the prized black Perigord truffle.
冬天是澳洲的松露季節。 坎培拉(Canberra)和瑪格麗特河(Margaret River)地區的氣候狀況正好適合備受推崇的黑佩里戈爾松露(black Perigord truffle)生長。

Be led by highly trained truffle dogs through a forest of trees in search of the “black diamonds”.

After you find the perfect truffle, settle in for a delicious lunch that showcases the delicacy.

Tours and degustations are available at the Truffle Farm in Canberra and the Truffle and Wine Co. in Manjimup from June to August.
每逢6月至8月期間,您可參加坎培拉松露農場(Truffle Farm in Canberra)和曼吉馬普松露與葡萄酒公司(Truffle and Wine Co. in Manjimup)的導賞團和品嚐環節。

You can still experience an immersive food foraging experience without leaving the city on an Aboriginal Bush Food Experience tour in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.
即使不離開城市,您亦能享受到有趣的食材採集體驗。 不妨參加悉尼皇家植物園(Royal Botanic Gardens)的原住民叢林食物體驗團(Aboriginal Bush Food Experience)吧。

You’ll learn about the plants growing in the garden and how they have been used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

Use traditional methods to gather and prepare food, learn how to identify seasonal bush foods and taste bush food-inspired recipes.

City distilleries

Australian distilling is no longer a new trend, but shaking up the industry is a recent increase in trendy distilleries cropping up in urban areas.

Now you can experience top quality gins, vodkas, whiskies and rums on a tour, tasting or masterclass without ever leaving the city limits.

Australia’s best health and wellness retreats

Revive, refresh, detox or just simply chill out at these outstanding health and wellness retreats around Australia.

Pop into these top health retreats to feel shipshape again.

One has a celebrity co-owner, another includes archery and tennis, and another has a revitalising pool right next to a creek.

In some cases the program is about tough love while others take a more gentle approach.

Say om.

Embrace the solitude on the Gold Coast

Stay for two days or stretch it out to seven at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland (courtesy transfers are available from Gold Coast Airport).
格溫咖那度假村(Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat)位於黃金海岸(Gold Coast)的內陸(黃金海岸機場提供禮賓接送服務)。 在這裡住上兩日,甚至盡享七日假期。

Try the ancient art of qi gong (a form of tai chi) while watching the sun rise over the distant Pacific Ocean.

Explore the 16 walking trails or join a dance session before refuelling with an organic lunch.

Afternoons are designated as dreamtime: nap, swim or read a book.
下午是專門的白日夢時間: 午休一下、游泳或者讀一本書。

Stay in a room in a reconstructed Queenslander (an elevated timber house that is a common sight throughout the state) or swan around an open-plan villa with a private plunge pool.
您可以選擇在重建翻新的昆士蘭風格 (高架木屋,這是遍佈全州的常見建築景觀)房間,或者帶私人跳水池開放別墅中四處遊蕩。

Get fit and be pampered near Byron Bay

Gaia Retreat & Spa, in the lush Byron Bay hinterland of northern New South Wales, comes with a celebrity connection (Grease star, Olivia Newton-John, is a co-founder).
蓋亞休閒村和水療(Gaia Retreat & Spa),位於新南威爾士州北邊的拜倫灣(Byron Bay)內陸,蔥蔥郁郁,而且是由著名明星創立(Grease明星Olivia Newton-John是其中一名創始人)。

The day spa, with 14 treatment rooms and more than 35 healers and therapists, is central to the pampering Gaia experience.

After starting the day with yoga, choose from activities that include clay sculpture or Let's Get Physical fitness and boxing.
用瑜伽開始精力充沛的一天。 多種健身活動任您選擇,例如泥塑、Let's Get健身和拳擊。

Meals draw on Gaia's own organic garden and, at dinner, guests can even enjoy a glass of organic wine.
蓋亞的餐食原料由自己的有機花園提供。 晚餐時,客人甚至可享用一杯有機葡萄酒。

Retreat to the world's oldest rainforest

The treatment menu at the delectable Daintree Ecolodge and Spa, set within the wilderness of the world's oldest rainforest in Tropical North Queensland, was developed out of respect and with approval of the elders of the local Kuku Yalanji tribe.
美妙的戴恩樹生態旅舍與水療中心(Daintree Ecolodge and Spa)擁有一流的理療項目。 水療中心坐落於昆士蘭州北部,該區域是世界上最古老的熱帶雨林荒野的所在地。 在尊重了當地庫庫雅蘭吉的部落長老的意見以及在他們的批准下,水療中心才得以開發起來。

Using 100 per cent natural ingredients, the spa creates a healing experience in harmony with nature.

The signature treatment, called Walbul-Walbul (meaning 'butterfly'), incorporates the contrasting sensations of oil and desert salts, and uses exclusive Australian indigenous products and massage techniques not found anywhere else across the globe.

Relax under the canopy of the rustling rainforest and unwind with the extensive spa menu.

Soak away your cares in Victoria

Wade into the healing waters of Victoria's spa country (home to 141 mineral springs) at Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa.
赫本洗浴與水療中心(Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa)裡,浸入維多利亞天然礦泉鄉(141個礦泉的所在地)的理療水域。

The historic spa, which has been around since 1895, is today a thoroughly modern affair, with communal bathing (swimming costumes are mandatory) in the mineral relaxation pool and salt therapy pool, as well as private tubs in the spa.
這歷史悠久的水療中心建立於1895年,如今依然完全現代化: 休閒礦物池和鹽療池均配備公共浴池(必須穿著游泳衣),還帶有私人浴池。

The complex also includes an outdoor creekside spa pool and a Moroccan-style hammam.

The Hepburn area's therapeutic mineral springs are rich with potassium, magnesium, silica and chloride.

Take detoxing to the next level on Kangaroo Island

Head to South Australia's rugged Kangaroo Island (known as Australia's Galapagos) for a complete lifestyle reboot.
前往南澳洲崎嶇的袋鼠島(Kangaroo Island),也被稱作澳洲的加拉帕戈斯群島(Galapagos),徹底重啟您的生活。

Kangaroo Island Health Retreat's five day Dynamic Detox program isn't for the faint of heart: only six people at a time with reasonable fitness can undergo the program at the haven overlooking Emu Bay on the island's north coast.
袋鼠島保健静居(Kangaroo Island Health Retreat)的五天動態排毒療程可不是為膽小的人而設。 每次只有六個身體健康的人可以堅持這個療程,他們需要在島的北岸俯瞰鴯鶓灣(Emu Bay)。

Daily activities include beach and country walks of up to 10 kilometres (six miles), while meals include soups and fruit platters.

Unwind near Margaret River

Just three hours south of Western Australia’s famous Margaret River is the town of Yallingup, home to the stunning Injidup Spa Retreat.
西澳洲著名的瑪格麗特河(Margaret River)以南僅三小時就是亞林加普海角,這裡是令人驚嘆的因吉度水療度假村(Injidup Spa Retreat)的所在地。

The retreat features ten adult-only villas, offering the perfect getaway to recharge and reconnect.

As well as a gourmet breakfast hamper on arrival, each villa has a private plunge pool and views overlooking the ocean.

During your stay, participate in private yoga classes, indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments and enjoy the serenity on the expansive outdoor balcony.

Harmonise near Hobart

At Harmony Harvest Health Retreat, a 30-minute drive south of Hobart in Tasmania, it's possible to check in for just a day's worth of rejuvenation.
和諧豐收健康度假村(Harmony Harvest Health Retreat)距離塔斯曼尼亞荷伯特(Hobart)南邊僅30分鐘的駕程。 您可以只入住一天,讓自己恢復活力。

The one-day Relax Retreat program includes healthy meals delivered to your two-storey eco cottage (where a spa bath sits in a striking glass-walled sun room), along with deep tissue massages and a detox mud treatment for two.

Stay five nights and treatments include reflexology, an organic facial, chakra healing massage, spiritual consultation and more.

An eight-day weight loss program is also available.

Company Profile

Beginning with Five Dollars

While on a trip to China in 1947, a young American reporter, Dr Bob Pierce, met Tena Hoelkedoer, a female missionary in Xiamen. She arranged for him to talk to some children there.

On the last day, she brought with her a poor girl named Baiyu (meaning white jade).

After hearing Pierce’s words, Baiyu told her father that she wanted to go to school. However, she was scolded, beaten and thrown out of her family.

Pierce wanted to help this precious soul, so he gave Ms Tena all that he had which was just five dollars.

Ms Tena used it to buy food and clothes for Baiyu and send her to school.

She asked Pierce to send the same amount each month after returning home so that she could continue to look after Baiyu.

Prototype of Child Sponsorship

This encounter marked the turning point in Pierce’s life.

In 1950, he founded World Vision, with the aim of helping poverty-stricken children around the world.

That five dollars set the prototype of the Child Sponsorship Programme.

The first Child Sponsorship Programmebegan a few years later in response to the needs of hundreds of thousands of orphans at the end of the Korean War in 1953. It was later extended to other Asian countries, and places such as Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Today, monthly contributions from child sponsors enable World Visionto provide impoverished children and their communities with access to clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, education, and economic opportunities, enabling them to become self-reliant.

World Vision is a living tributeto Pierce’s work.

World Vision Hong Kong

In 1962, Typhoon Wanda hit Hong Kong severely. World Vision distributed relief supplies in Hong Kong, and later set up its first field office in the territory.

With the economic recovery in Hong Kong, World Vision Hong Kong turned itself into a fundraising office in 1982, supporting the relief and development work of World Vision offices worldwide.

Today, the people of Hong Kong is sponsoring over 200,000 children living in poverty, helping to fund World Vision Hong Kong’s international long-term Area Development Programmes.

World Vision Hong Kong also promotes public education, raising public awareness about global issues such as poverty, hunger, health and child rights.

About Us

Vision Statement

Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness;

Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so.

Mission Statement

World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Core Values

We have identified six core values at the centre of World Vision's work. These are the fundamental principles of our commitment to each other and to the poor.

We are Christian

From the abundance of God's love, we find our call to ministry.

We are committed to the poor

We are called to serve the needy, to relieve their suffering and to promote the transformation of their condition of life.

We value people

We regard all people as created and loved by God. We give priority to people before money, structure and systems.

We are stewards

We are faithful to the purpose for which resources are given and manage them in a manner that brings maximum benefit to the poor.

We are partners

We are members of an international World Vision Partnership that transcends legal, structural and cultural boundaries.

We are responsive

We are responsive to life-threatening emergencies where our involvement is needed and appropriate.

Matthew Cheung officiates opening of 30-Hour Famine
宣明會「饑饉30」開鑼 政務司司長張建宗主禮

Vegetarian urges public to cherish food as 8-month-old joins mother in fasting

The 35th 30-Hour Famine, jointly organised by World Vision Hong Kong and Commercial Radio 2, kicked off today (7 April) at the Aberdeen Sports Ground.

Themed “Hunger – Violence in Disguise”, the event raises funds to provide food, nutrition and livelihood assistances to children and families affected by conflict in South Sudan, Myanmar and Syria.

The Chief Secretary for Administration, along with other guests and stars, demolished a “Hunger Wall” together, expressing their shared hope that refugees would receive assistance and be able to return home someday.

At the sound of the gong, campers began the 30 hours of fasting.

Anne Suen, a group leader and vegetarian, is taking part in her seventh Famine Camp with her friends.

For her, 30-Hour Famine is not only a charity event, but also inspires participants to think about the relationship between people and food, learn to cherish food and share with people in need.

Eight-month-old Shu Kiu is the youngest camper this year. Her mother May has been a 30-Hour Famine participant since secondary school. May decided to sign up together to pass on to her girl the message of caring for the hungry and the poor, making her 18th 30-Hour Famine even more special.

In his opening speech, Guest of Honour Mr. Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, Chief Secretary for Administration, said that Hong Kong is a blessed place where no one has to flee home because of conflict.
主禮嘉賓 政務司司長張建宗致開幕辭時提及,香港是一處福地,大家都不用為逃避戰亂而離鄉別井

He praised the campers for their courage and determination to help refugees by fasting for 30 hours.

LegCo members Hon. Wu Chi-wai and Dr. Hon. Kwok Ka-ki also explained the plight of refugees to raise public awareness.

Mr. Yuen Sui-see, Board Chair of World Vision Hong Kong, said there are over 400 million people around the world who are not only starving, but also living in areas affected by conflict, which has driven them out of their homes and even turned them into refugees.

Their lives very often depend solely on assistance from the outside world.

The general public can donate online to support 30-Hour Famine if not being able to attend the event (please visit or call World Vision hotline 2394 2394 for details).
公眾人士即使未能參加饑饉營,仍可透過網上捐款支持「饑饉30」,詳情請瀏覽或致電宣明會熱線2394 2394。

The organisers would like to extend special thanks to the title sponsor Agile Property Holdings Limited and major sponsor Hong Kong Communications Co., Ltd for their full support, and also Leisure and Cultural Services Department for sponsoring the venue.
大會亦特別鳴謝首席贊助商 雅居樂集團控股有限公司主要贊助商 香港通訊有限公司,全力支持「饑饉30」,以及康樂及文化事務署借出場地,令活動得以順利舉行。

World Vision launches “It takes a world to end violence against children” campaign on Universal Children’s Day
全球10億兒童遭受暴力對待 宣明會發起「童享零暴力全球行動」 拍攝香港兒童體驗暴力短片呼籲支持

Every year, over a billion children experience different forms of violence globally. These forms of violence include war and conflicts, trafficking, child marriage, and child labour.

Violence robs children of their dignity, rights, potential and future. Threatening their lives, health and education opportunities, it is the biggest issue affecting children around the world today.

This is why World Vision Hong Kong is partnering with World Vision offices across the globe in launching the campaign “It takes a world to end violence against children”. This campaign aims to catalyse a global movement of people committed to keeping children safe from harm.

Its name reflects the fact that no individual, group or organisation can solve this problem alone.

Everyone needs to come together to end the suffering of hundreds of millions of children.

World Vision Hong Kong will kick off the campaign on 20 November, the Universal Children’s Day.

Violence against children affects their social, emotional, mental, and physical development and has far-reaching consequences into their future and their community.

Children who are exposed to violence as a victim or a witness are more likely to become victims or perpetrators later in life.

The cost of inaction is high.

It is estimated that globally:

World Vision works in communities to help strengthen local and national child protection systems in contextually-appropriate ways so that governments, civil society, faith-based actors, community stakeholders and children are empowered and coordinated to work together to create an environment that protects children from violence. Our work in preventing and responding to violence against children includes:

Establishing children’s club, girls group to empower children to speak for themselves and influence local stakeholders to implement necessary policy changes

Implementing livelihood projects to help impoverished families increase their income so children can go to school instead of work

Setting up Child Friendly Spaces in disaster, conflict and fragile communities to ensure safe space for children, etc.

World Vision encourages the public to become child sponsors or World Vision Partners, and be a part of the movement to end violence against children.

For details about the campaign, please visit here.

Close to 600 elderly, aged up to 96, fast for 8 hours to help Syrian refugee children Dr. Leong Che-hung officiates the opening ceremony
近600名長者同步饑饉8小時 年紀最大參加者96歲 安老事務委員會梁智鴻醫生主持揭幕 婆婆臨終積極籌款盼助人

The 8-Hour Elderly Famine, a fundraising event co-organised by World Vision Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital Au Shue Hung Health Centre and Radio 5 of Radio Television Hong Kong, is held today (23 May) at the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village.
由香港世界宣明會、香港浸信會醫院區樹洪健康中心香港電台第五台 合辦的第26屆「耆英饑饉8小時」,今日(23日)在香港中華基督教青年會烏溪沙青年新村順利舉行。

The event, now into its 26th year, has attracted close to 600 participants, with the oldest participant reaching 96 years old.

By fasting for 8 consecutive hours, participants raise funds from their friends and families to support those in need.

今年的活動主題為「長幼同行 童享教育」。

This year’s opening ceremony is officiated by Dr. Leong Che-hung, Chairman of Committee on Elder Academy Development Foundation of the Elderly Commission, along with representatives from the three organisers.
活動開幕禮由安老事務委員會長者學苑發展基金委員會主席 梁智鴻醫生,聯同主辦機構代表主持。

World Vision Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer Kevin Chiu says, “Six years have passed since the conflict broke out in Syria. A lot of Syrian children grow up in wars and have never experienced peace since their birth. We are very thankful for the support we received this year, which allows Syrian refugee children to have access to education again. The perseverance and kind action of the elderly are truly admirable.”

Among the participants this year, Ms. Choi Kwai Ying (蔡桂英), aged 93, won the top fundraiser award with a donation of $28,500. Unfortunately, she passed away just a week before the event, and thus was unable to accept the award herself.

According to the elderly centre that she belongs to, Ms. Choi had been very supportive of the Elderly Famine event, even after she was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. Ms. Choi grew up in poverty and had been particularly passionate about helping the needy.

This year, when she handed in the donation, she told the social worker that she went the extra mile in asking her friends and family for donation, knowing that it could be her last year participating in the event.
到今年送出捐款時,更跟姑娘說:「知道自己時間不多,明年未必能再參加,所以特別努力籌款」。 至活動舉行前一周,臥病在床的蔡婆婆仍希望能到場出席活動。

Ms. Choi passed away the day after she was notified of the award.

Her elderly centre purposely sent a young staff member to receive the award for Ms. Choi, in hope to encourage young people to learn from the great act of love of Ms. Choi.

In addition, 77-year-old participant Ms. Angel Chan (陳安琪) has joined the event for 10 years. Having experienced poverty herself, Ms. Chan says she first participated in the event out of curiosity, but she then found the event to be very meaningful, “I feel blessed to be able to help others. I try my best to do what I can to help more people. There are indeed many needs in this world.”


Among this year’s participants, Ms. Yeung Yin Ming (楊洐明), aged 96, and Mr. Li Chung Mui (李松梅), aged 90, are the oldest female and male participants respectively.

Since 2011, World Vision has been working in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq, supporting refugees through food assistance, education and psychosocial support for children, etc. In 2016, World Vision’s Syria Response reached about 2.3 million people, including nearly 1.2 million children.

Proceeds of this year’s event will be used to provide Early Childhood Education (ECE) programme for young Syrian children to meet their developmental milestone, as well as transportation to education centres and training for parents and caretakers.


1,500 participated in World Vision’s “Walk for Syria” charity event Over $1.4 million raised to support Syrian refugees
宣明會「伴敘利亞步出生天」步行籌款 1,500市民籌得逾149萬元助敘童

World Vision Hong Kong held the “Walk for Syria” 4km charity walk on 29 October in association with the Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club.

The event attracted around 1,500 participants and raised over $1.49 million to support Syrian families and children with food and education opportunities.

Kevin Chiu, CEO of World Vision Hong Kong said, “The Syria Crisis is the worst humanitarian crisis in our time. Children are especially vulnerable as they suffer physically and emotionally.
香港世界宣明會總幹事趙煥明說: 「敘利亞內戰是當今全球最大人道危機,對孩子造成的影響尤其嚴重,包括身心創傷及失去教育等方面。

We thank all of you who participated in the event. Your donations will help World Vision to continue its works that serve the Syrian refugees.

I hope everyone will continue to pay attention to what’s happening in Syria and give Syrians the support they much needed.”

Ms. Vivian Chow, who visited Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan last year with World Vision , and Legislative Council member Hon James To both shared their thoughts and encouraged more people to support the Syrian refugees.

After the Walk, participants learned more about the Syria crisis through exhibitions and interactive activities, which include drawings by Syrian children, the “life in a classroom” multimedia experience, and a virtual reality experience of the lives of refugees.

As the Syria conflict enters its sixth year, at least 8.2 million children inside Syria and across the region are now experiencing displacement, interrupted schooling, food insecurity, and more.
大會更根據敘利亞食譜準備了熱湯派發給參加者,加深他們對敘利亞的認識。 敘利亞衝突持續至今5年半,導致最少820萬孩子經歷流徙失學缺乏糧食保障,急需外界援助。

For the funds raised at this event, every HK$300 can provide food assistance to a Syrian refugee child for 2 months; and every HK$1,500 can support a Syrian refugee child’s learning for 15 weeks.

Since 2011, World Vision has assisted approximately 2.37 million people in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq, such as providing learning opportunities and psychosocial support for children, constructing water facilities and latrines for refugees, and distributing household items. Click here to learn more.
宣明會自2011年敘利亞內戰爆發以來,一直積極在敘利亞、黎巴嫩、約旦、土耳其伊拉克,協助受戰亂影響的難民及境內流徙人士。 救援工作包括為難民家庭提供糧食援助、派發日常用品、為孩子提供學習機會,以及設立「兒童天地」為孩子提供心理支援等,按此瀏覽詳情。

World Vision: Children will need years of support after Mosul offensive
伊拉克摩蘇爾爆發人道危機 宣明會:孩子需多年心理支援重過新生

In 2014, conflict erupted in northern Iraq. Approximately 10 million people have been affected across the country with more than 3.3 million people displaced, half of whom are children.

Right now, the latest military offensive on Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city in the north, could require one of the largest humanitarian responses in the world this year, and it is likely to displace another 1 million people.

“They (Iraqi refugees) will arrive with nothing but the clothes on their back and will be thirsty, hungry, and need urgent medical attention,” said Khalil Sleiman, World Vision’s Response Manager for northern Iraq.
「新一批難民抵達時將一無所有,只有隨身衣物又飢又渴,並且需要緊急醫療照顧。 」伊拉克北部宣明會救援項目主管 斯諾文(Khalil Sleiman)說:

“The violence will also have taken a devastating emotional toll on children, many of whom will need years of specialist support to rebuild their lives, come to terms with what happened, and to regain some kind of normality.”

World Vision staff is on the ground preparing to provide humanitarian assistance to the new influx of people from Mosul, including providing food, clean water, and items like blankets and fuel to help families prepare for the brutal winter in the area. World Vision will also set up Child Friendly Spaces to support children’s psychosocial needs.

World Vision has been responding to the needs of children and families displaced by conflicts in the Middle East region through the Syrian Refugee Response since 2011, including countries like Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

World Vision calls on the Hong Kong community to help these refugees that are fleeing for their lives.

Donations can be made through*:

  1. Online donation
  2. Direct Bank-in (Hong Kong): Hang Seng Bank   286-364385-003
  3. Crossed cheque payable to “WORLD VISION HONG KONG”
    劃線支票,抬頭請寫「香港世界宣明會」或「WORLD VISION HONG KONG」

Please send bank-in slip or crossed cheque together with your personal particulars to Freepost No. 69, World Vision Hong Kong (free postage) and mark “Syrian Refugee Response” on the envelope.

Donations are tax-deductible with official receipts.

*Donation will go towards "Syrian Refugee Response" – a collective campaign raising funds to provide life-saving aid to the war-torn people within the region, including Syria and Iraq.

For inquiries, please contact our Donor Services Department at 2394 2394 or click here to learn more.
市民如對捐款有任何查詢,請致電2394 2394聯絡宣明會捐助服務熱線,或按此了解更多。

More than 1,300 support 30-Hour Famine
財政司司長曾俊華主禮 逾1,300人支持「饑饉三十」 六旬太極導師「撐足」30年

Jointly organised by World Vision Hong Kong and Commercial Radio 2, the 33rd 30-Hour Famine kicked off today (9 April) at the Aberdeen Sports Ground with the theme “A 2cm Difference”.

More than 1,300 people are supporting the event this year. During the opening ceremony, the participants pledged to fast 30 hours to get a taste of hunger and raise funds for the hungry children.

This year, funds collected through 30-Hour Famine will be used to support World Vision’s food security projects in areas in need, such as eastern and southern Africa, Syria and neighbouring conflict-affected countries.

This year, 30-Hour Famine attracted campers from 4 to 79 years old and volunteers from all walks of life. 61-year-old Ede Yuen (袁美蓮) is not only a part-time Tai Chi instructor, but also a long-term supporter of 30-Hour Famine for over 30 years.

She has been participating in the event since the days when she was a young factory worker.

Despite the generation gap between her and other young campers now, she has chosen to keep on coming every year, because she believes fighting against hunger is the ultimate purpose.

She doesn’t want to live her life in vain.

Meanwhile, 4-year-old Moses Wong (黃以信) is the youngest camper of this year’s event.

His parents are long-term supporters of 30-Hour Famine. While little Moses is excited about the “camp”, his parents’ biggest wish is for him to not just know about the suffering of hungry people, but to truly experience it.



After joining last year’s 30-Hour Famine, 24-year-old Louis Yip (葉承杰) took one step further and joined a trip organised by World Vision to Cambodia.


After witnessing the lives of the people there, he has learned to treasure things that he has and put words into action, thereby encouraging more friends to join the fight against hunger.

自覺活在香港,已是一種幸福,故想為有需要的人出一分力,至今毋忘初衷,但求「不會白白過一生」。 -連續30年參加「饑饉三十」的袁美蓮女士

Guest of Honour, Financial Secretary Mr. John Tsang Chun-wah, applauded the campers at the opening ceremony,
主禮嘉賓財政司司長 曾俊華在開幕禮中讚揚饑饉營友付出的努力,他說:

“I believe all of us are hoping for a hunger-free world. Today, we gather here for a great cause, 30-Hour Famine, to raise funds, as well as to experience the suffering of children in hunger. I am honoured to be a part of this, and am proud of your dedication and compassion.”

At the opening ceremony, LegCo members Hon. James To Kun-sun and Hon. Frederick Fung Kin-kee, SBS, JP also briefly explained to campers the challenges that many countries are facing now, including climate change, war and conflicts, and poverty.

“The fight against hunger is a long battle,” said Yuen Sui-see, Board Chair of World Vision Hong Kong, “Every year, 30-Hour Famine reminds us to care for the impoverished and hungry people, and put love into actions.”
香港世界宣明會董事會主席 阮水師表示: 「今年的活動主題『2cm的距離』,所說的正是一個對於我們來說,只是指尖之間的距離,對於一些嚴重營養不良、極其瘦弱的小孩來說,他的手臂圓周多2cm還是少2cm,可能已經是生與死的分別。


He also calls for the public to Skip-A-Meal during April, and donate to support World Vision’s food security projects.

(For details, please visit here or call World Vision hotline 2394 2394). Since its first launch in Hong Kong in 1984, 30-Hour Famine has accumulated more than 91,000 participants in the past 33 years.
(詳情可致電宣明會熱線2394 2394或按此) 「饑饉三十」自1984年在香港舉行至今33年,累計參加人數逾91,000人次。

The organisers would like to extend special thanks to the title sponsor Agile Property Holdings Limited and major sponsor Hong Kong Communications Co., Ltd for their full support, and also Leisure and Cultural Services Department for sponsoring the venue.

Click here to learn more about global hunger.

Bombing impacts World Vision-supported hospital for women and children in northern Syria

A’ZAZ, Syria - A hospital specialising in maternal, newborn and children’s health in A’zaz, northern Syria was impacted by a bombing on 15 February that shattered windows and damaged building structure.

Although no patients were hurt at the hospital that is managed by a local Syrian NGO with World Vision’s support, approximately 14 people in the vicinity were killed and 30 injured in the attack, which highlights the blatant disregard for international humanitarian law by all parties to the conflict.

"We heard the sound of a fighter so we ran into the hospital’s shelter.

After the attack we couldn’t go up because we could still hear the sound of planes, when we went out we were told it was a missile.

The sound of the plane was really loud and scary and the destruction was huge," shared a World Vision midwife working in the hospital at the time of the attack.

Four newborn babies lay in incubators when the explosion rocked the building, as did four women, unable to move from their beds while under anesthesia for Cesarian section, staff reported.






"Although a so-called cessation of hostilities was announced this week, to begin on Friday, recently there has been an alarming increase in attacks on hospitals, schools and other civilian areas in northern Syria," said Fran Charles, Advocacy Director for World Vision’s Syria Response.
宣明會敘利亞危機倡議主任 查爾斯(Fran Charles)表示:「敘利亞北部最近愈來愈多襲擊牽涉醫院、學校及其他平民地區,情況令人關注。

"World Vision staff on-the-ground inside Syria report an increasingly restricted humanitarian space which means greater difficulty in reaching children and families with the assistance they so desperately need.

The international community must step up and use all diplomatic influence at its disposal to ensure these attacks stop and children and families can access lifesaving assistance. International borders must also remain open for those fleeing conflict."

Approximately 3,500 women and children per month accessed health services at the hospital which World Vision supported by training staff, and providing medicine, equipment and supplies.

With the current operations suspended for security reasons, hospital staff hope to move operations closer to areas where newly-displaced women and children are in need of assistance.

World Vision’s Women and Young Child Space operations were also suspended due to recent attacks in the area.

World Vision staff and partners are seeing a startling increase in the number of people recently displaced in northern Syria near the Turkey border.

Just within the past 15 days, more than 62,000 people have been displaced in the Aleppo region.

Aid systems in border camps and towns, that are already hosting tens of thousands of people, are overwhelmed and the current capacity of the camps have been exhausted.

World Vision’s supply warehouse has even become a last-resort shelter for the displaced so they do not have to sleep in the elements.

In the town of A’zaz and the camps along the Turkey-Syria border, World Vision health teams are seeing an increase in diarrhea and flu-like symptoms among children.

Many families fled with no protection from cold and are camped out in cars, mosques or in tents.

Many of the tents are overcrowded with as many as three families sharing the space.

There are reports from our staff of women giving birth right on the streets without any qualified medical assistance.

"The recently displaced have been living on the front lines of this conflict for several years now," said Angela Huddleston, Program Manager for World Vision’s Syria Response.
宣明會敘利亞危機項目經理 赫頓(Angela Huddleston)說:

"For most of these families, shifting lines of conflict mean that it is the second or third time they’ve had to pack up and literally run for their lives. So this time around, they have little left in the way of supplies or belongings."

World Vision is helping in A’zaz and the camps along the Syria-Turkey border by trucking in water, constructing latrines, and providing supplies for winter – which include blankets and warm clothing -- plus baby kits for families, which contain diapers, diaper rash cream, wipes and other essentials.

An estimated 4.5 million people across Syria are located in areas classified as ''hard to reach'' by the United Nations – half of those are children.

This number may grow if additional areas like A’zaz are cut off by conflict.

The Syria crisis will enter its sixth year on 15 March 2016.


On 13 March, World Vision Hong Kong will be holding our third annual "Run for Syrian Children" event at the Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground. Come join us from 2pm - 6pm in voicing for the voiceless in Syria and raising awareness for the ongoing crisis.

Statement on inaccurate Haiti reports

The earthquake in Haiti was a tragedy for the hundreds of thousands of children and their families who lost everything.
海地地震成千上萬 痛失一切的兒童及其家庭來說,是一場悲劇

The nation was already the poorest and most fragile in the hemisphere.

It was a challenging time for aid workers who witnessed their loss and suffering, and were involved in trying to help them.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters and partners around the world, World Vision provided food to at least two million people, emergency shelters to more than 40,000 households, and potable water for more than 90,000 people.

We set up more than 30 Child-friendly Spaces, provided cholera prevention and treatment for more than 300,000 people and operated 12 mobile and static health care clinics.

While we know we did not get everything right, the Mail on Sunday story in the UK and Ireland misrepresents our actions and omits key findings from our investigations, which we described publically, and which were shared with authorities, donors, and the Mail’s journalist, several years ago.
儘管我們知道世界宣明會所辦的事情並非盡善盡美,但是,《星期日郵報》(The Mail on Sunday)英國愛爾蘭的報道歪曲了我們的工作,並忽略了我們已經主動公開調查結果的要點;而有關資料我們亦在數年前,向當局捐助者郵報記者主動提供。

In our cash-for-work programme in 2010-11, several evaluations conducted by World Vision and our partners highlighted a number of issues in government-run camps; of nepotism, sexual exploitation and inaccurate record-keeping.

World Vision’s extensive investigations into these issues revealed that those involved in sexual exploitation were not World Vision staff.

They were community volunteers and cash-for-work beneficiaries themselves.

Our commitment to strengthening and improving systems saw us report these issues back to authorities, and work with them to put training and follow-up procedures in place to cut down on these practices.

This information has been publicly available in our published Accountability Reports from 2011, 2012 and 2014. We provided these reports and internal documents to the Mail on Sunday journalist, Ian Birrell as long ago as 2014.
以上資料已經發布在2011年、2012年和2014年的監管報告內,亦已經早於2014年向《星期日郵報》的記者Ian Birrell提供了這些報告和內部文件以供查核。

We recognise that it is possible there may have been inappropriate behaviour by people employed by or associated with World Vision that went unreported.

If that is the case, we encourage anyone who saw or experienced sexual exploitation or abuse to come forward, or to report it through our confidential Whistleblower Hotline, and we will do all we can to investigate (report online or call collect +1-503-726-3990).
如果情況屬實,我們鼓勵任何目擊或遭受性剝削或性虐待的人,主動透過我們的保密熱線作出舉報 ,我們將竭盡所能進行調查(登入 或致電+1-503-726-3990)。

We are sorry to anyone who feels let down by World Vision in any failure of ours to protect or report.

World Vision believes a better world for children is possible.

Like other aid agencies, there are lessons coming out of the past week that we as an organisation are committed to taking on board and integrating into discussions with our partners in delivering aid to the world’s most vulnerable children.

Published on 19 Feb 2018
刊登日期: 2018年2月19日


A Response to Inaccurate Reports on Haiti Relief by Kevin Chiu, Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Hong Kong

Lately, there have been a number of media reports on World Vision’s then relief work in Haiti, which have triggered further enquiries from the general public.
近日來香港報章有關於宣明會在海地 救災時的報道,接著也收到一些查詢,

As we try our best to answer those queries, I would like to take this opportunity to share a few things with you.

There were indeed incidents of sexual exploitation in our relief work in Haiti back in 2010.

But those involved were community volunteers and beneficiaries of the cash-for-work programme, rather than World Vision staff as initially reported.

After our clarification, the media concerned have publicised truthful reports as a follow-up.

As soon as the earthquake in 2010 occurred, I went to the spot and witnessed the massive destruction the earthquake had caused.

Many people lost their loved ones and lacked food and necessities, while children were traumatised and in dire need of assistance.

With over 2 million people affected (which is about one-third of the population of Hong Kong) in front of us, we had to battle against time and engaged local volunteers to join the rescue. These people were invited because they were familiar with the local language, culture and geography, an advantage which enabled us to efficiently reach out to the needy.

Just like you, we were indignant and saddened when we learned that people had been exploited in the aftermath of the disaster.

Subsequently, World Vision has taken all kinds of measures, which are already yielding results, to ensure that similar incidents do not happen again. For example, we have set up a reporting mechanism, established a protection unit to investigate allegations of abuse, and conducted training sessions on the prevention of sexual exploitation.

We are deeply sorry to anyone who we failed to protect or feels let down by us.

We promise to do our utmost to improve our policies and protocols in place, strengthen communication with our partners and provide adequate help for the world’s most vulnerable.

We often remind ourselves to be good stewards and use your donations wisely.

Indeed, it is because of your support that many people afflicted by disaster have been able to start a new life again.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you to build a better world for children.
未來,我們期待繼續與你攜手 ,為兒童開創更美好的世界!

May peace be upon you!
祝 平安!

香港世界宣明會 總幹事

趙煥明 謹啟 2018年3月1日

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16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
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These Terms of Use shall be governed by the law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

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Updated in November 2020

Explore Hakka culture on scarcely inhabited island, Yim Tin Tsai
踏足客家小島秘境 ── 鹽田梓

Fancy getting out of the hustle and bustle of city life to enjoy some serenity and calm?

The perfect place to take a break from the crowds, relax in the fresh air for a few hours and take in some local Hakka history is just a short jaunt away from the centre of the city and a 15-minute speedboat ride from Sai Kung Town.

An early Hakka migrant settlement over 300 years ago and now a popular destination, Yim Tin Tsai is a small offshore island accessible by boat from Sai Kung Town.

The island saw changes 20 years ago and parts of the island began a painstaking preservation process after receiving UNESCO recognition, which has revived the customs, heritage and folklore of its people.

With the island so close and with such rich history to explore, this is an ideal day trip.

The Yim Tin Tsai Saltpans

With yim tin tsai translating to ‘small saltpan’ in Cantonese, it’s clear to see that the island’s prominent (salt) industry had a significant impact.

Hakka settlers developed salt farms on the island and made their living from its sale.

The saltpans were used to dry out the salt before it was used as a prime trading good.

However, with international competition, Hakka villagers were eventually priced out of the global market.

Today, the saltpans have been restored and are fully functioning, making it a prominent site for day trippers.

The revitalised saltpans are for demonstration purposes only, but the finished product can be taken home as souvenirs by its visitors.

St Joseph’s Chapel

Built in 1890, St Joseph’s Chapel was erected in Romanesque style by visiting missionaries who developed a strong relationship with the Hakka Chan clan.

Before the turn of the century, the Hakka people had largely converted to Catholicism under the influence of the Roman Catholic priest Joseph Freinademetz.

Some years later, the entire village was baptised in a ceremony.

The chapel was dedicated to the island’s patron saint, and has since been named a UNESCO-listed heritage building, standing as a physical reminder of the impact St Joseph made on the villagers.

Yim Tin Tsai Heritage Exhibition Centre

The Heritage Exhibition Centre is next to St Joseph’s Chapel and occupying a section of the village’s former primary school, Ching Po School.

Home to a small collection of artefacts, from ceramics and homeware to everyday items, showcasing the village’s unique history and what life was like in its heyday.

The Mangroves and ‘Jade Bridge’

Though the island is small — just 0.24sq km — there are several places to explore throughout, making it more than worthy of a day trip.

Once you arrive, explore the surrounding coastline, which is encompassed by marshy mangroves.

After getting yourself acquainted with the island’s heritage and culture, explore its surrounding scenery.

Elsewhere on Yim Tin Tsai, the ‘Jade Bridge’ connects Yim Tin Tsai to Kau Sai Chau, its larger neighbouring island that is best known today as the site of a popular public golf course.

When visiting the island, don’t miss the selected artworks co-created by local artists and villagers during the Yim Tin Tsai Festival.

The open museum integrates art, religion, culture, heritage and green elements that are still visible on the island today.

A trend-hunter's guide to Hong Kong

Despite being a fast-paced city that’s constantly changing , Hong Kong keeps its pulse firmly on international trends.

Kooky beauty products?


New tech gadget on the market?

Got it.

The latest pair of limited-edition kicks?

Get in line.

From second-hand vintage shops stacked with undiscovered treasures to shopping outlets where you can snap up high-end brands for a killer deal, here’s how every trend hunter visiting Hong Kong should spend their days in the city.

Day 1 (Hong Kong Island)


Get your morning off to a delicious start and pay a visit to Shui Kee Coffee in Sheung Wan.

This local cha chaan teng is famous for its silky-smooth Hong Kong-style milk tea, egg and beef sandwiches, and crunchy, golden French toast, all of which are guaranteed to give you the perfect wake-me-up breakfast you’ll need for the full day ahead.
瑞記咖啡是一家位於上環的茶餐廳,以絲滑柔順 港式奶茶蛋牛治金黃酥脆煉奶西多士而聞名一方。這些暖心暖胃的早餐選擇,能喚醒你沉睡一夜的身體,為接下來的一天帶來滿滿正能量。


After your fix of local breakfast food, it’s time to start exploring.

Just a short walk from Shui Kee Coffee, Tai Ping Shan Street is home to a fascinating mix of boutiques, bistros and cafes, art galleries, and even ancient temples.

Rummage through vintage stores such as Select 18, head to Mahka for a unique shopping experience where fashion meets art and music, and stop by one of the many eateries in the area to refuel.
你可以到古著店Select 18尋寶,或去Mahka享受時尚碰撞藝術與音樂的獨特購物體驗,然後在附近眾多餐廳中選一家吃點東西歇歇腳。

As for those looking for something a little bit more upscale, international fashion brands such as Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Celine, and Alexander McQueen can be found in and around the neighbouring shopping destinations of ifc mall and LANDMARK.
對於追求高檔購物體驗的遊客來說,FendiJimmy ChooCelineAlexander McQueen等國際知名品牌在國際金融中心商場置地廣場裡都能找到。


Once you’re done with a full day of retail therapy, settle down for a dinner that will take you to new heights. Écriture, an elevated Michelin-starred restaurant, combines minimalistic interiors with bold splashes of colour and stunning copper details, where you can immerse yourself in sweeping city views, all while tucking into beautiful plates of theatrical French cooking with premium Japanese ingredients.
血拼了一整天,接下來不妨到訪獲得米其林二星的餐廳 Écriture,品嚐視覺和味覺享受兼備的創新美食。餐廳室內設計簡潔,採用對比色的桌椅,並以紅銅色點綴,使整體感覺摩登典雅。從餐廳玻璃窗看出去,中環鬧市景色一覽無遺。你能一邊欣賞鬧市景致,一邊細味糅合日本元素的法國菜。

Go for the eight-course ‘Library of Flavours’ menu that showcases the sophisticated creativity of chef Maxime Gilbert, formerly of Michelin-starred stalwart Amber.
推薦「Library of Flavours」嚐味餐單,讓你細意感受由行政總廚Maxime Gilbert親自主理、極具創意及心思的八道美饌。Maxime也曾在香港同為米其林二星的Amber餐廳擔任主廚。


Before your first night in Hong Kong comes to an end, make the most out of the city’s famous nightlife by enjoying a tipple or three at one of the city’s many speakeasies hidden within the Central and Sheung Wan areas, such as Feather Boa, Frank’s Library, The Iron Fairies, and Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour.
不體驗一下香港的夜生活,怎能甘心迎來第二天的清晨?中環與上環有不少隱藏於巷弄中的個性酒吧,如Feather BoaFrank’s LibraryThe Iron FairiesDr Fern’s Gin Parlour,不如就在醉人的燈光、舒適的氛圍中,小酌幾杯再盡興而歸吧。

Day 2 (Kowloon)


If you’re staying on the Hong Kong Island side, head over to the Star Ferry Pier and catch a ferry ride across the harbour.

Once you’ve arrived at Tsim Sha Tsui dig into a plate of homemade crème brûlée pancakes or a hearty all-day breakfast at Urban Coffee Roaster on Bristol Avenue, and wash it down with a cup of freshly roasted specialty coffee such as their sweet potato latte.
到達尖沙咀後,在碧仙桃路Urban Coffee Roaster開啟今日第一餐。 這裡除了美味的全日早餐 焦糖布丁煎餅,還有特製的新鮮咖啡,如紫薯拿鐵


If you want to shop like a local, then a visit to Mong Kok is a must.
想要像在地人一樣購物? 那一定要來旺角。

After you’re done with a satisfying breakfast, you can either choose to get there by MTR or if you’re feeling up for it, burn off your big breakfast by walking along Nathan Road to get to the district.
填飽肚皮之後,你可以從尖沙咀 乘坐港鐵,或沿著彌敦道 一路走到旺角,順便燃燒掉一些早餐的卡路里

With shops and street stalls selling everything from novelty Hong Kong souvenirs to cheap clothes and accessories, Ladies' Market and Sneakers Street are great spots to start off with.

Tip: don’t be afraid to do the haggle-tango with the stall owners. You’ll be surprised at how much they’re willing to cut down the prices!

For locally produced kitchenware and home goods, be sure to stop at Hak Dei, who also offer a curated selection of items from their favourite overseas brands.

Shopping around the ever-bustling streets of Mong Kok can be stressful, so for a quiet lunch away from the crowds, Loyi Faateng is an ideal spot.
旺角的人山人海容易讓人感到有些透不過氣,所以環境舒適、寬敞開揚的老二花廳 是遲來的午餐理想之地

Nestled in an unassuming residential building, this shabby-chic cafe is decorated with an eclectic mix of mismatched vintage-kitsch furniture, retro toys, and rustic homeware.
這家懷舊 咖啡廳藏身於一棟不起眼的唐樓內,其中擺放著各種舊式家具復古玩具 鄉村風格的家居用品

Offering a variety of Italian dishes, Loyi Faateng is a treat for your taste buds and your eyes.
fzzzzz 菜色主打意大利風味,在放鬆身心的同時也能享用美味。

Hop on the MTR and get off at Sham Shui Po Station.

Though the area is well known for Apliu Street where you can hunt down cheap electronics, there are a tonne of other uncovered hidden gems in the area that many Hongkongers may not even know about.
儘管這裡出名的是鴨寮街 周邊便宜的電子產品,但還有許多在地人都不一定知道的隱秘寶藏

From fashionable tote bags designed and made in Japan at the Midway Shop to local leather products at Brothers Leathercraft there are plenty of shops to get excited about.
譬如Midway Shop 販賣日本設計和製作的托特包 「黑地」琳瑯滿目的在地產廚具家居用品兄弟皮藝本地皮革製品,深水埗也是一個不為人知的購物天堂。

And if you’re in need of some feet-resting, Toolss is a stationery shop-plus-cafe where you can end your day of shopping with some much-needed coffee.
如果走累了想要歇歇腳 ,可以到Toolss 喝杯咖啡,這家小店還兼賣文具,適合文具控來打卡。


For dinner, instead of opting for any old restaurant, why not take things to the streets?

We’re talking everything from traditional cheung fun (rice noodle roll) at the famous Hop Yik Tai to cheesy durian pizza (if you dare) at the Sham Shui Po Food Court plus plenty of other food stalls lining the streets with finger-licking-good nibbles.

Day 3 (New Territories)

For your last day in Hong Kong, it’s time to head north and tour around the top shopping destinations in the New Territories.

Located in Tsuen Wan, The Mills is a former textile factory that has been recast into an innovative art and culture destination.

Inside the complex, you can choose from numerous cafes and restaurants as breakfast options.

Coffee lovers can find a seat at Cozy Coffee, Retold, or Koko Coffee Roasters for a hot caffeine fix and quick bites; those who are down for some local grub can find it at restaurants such as New Big Light and Wong Pai Bing Sutt;
咖啡愛好者可以在Cozy CoffeeRetoldKoko Coffee Roasters享用熱呼呼的咖啡和美味輕食;想要品嚐在地料理,可以嘗試新大光燈王牌冰室

and if you want to start the day on a greener note, Fleur and Honbo offer a range of healthy plant-based and artisanal dishes.
想吃得更健康?Fleur提供多款健康菜餚和純素料理,Honbo 都是不錯的選擇。

After breakfast, dart in and out of a number of stylish homeware and lifestyle shops such as Commune and Concept to Go.

For fanatics of eco-shopping concepts, we recommend alt:, housing the world's first garment to garment recycling system, requiring merely 4 hours for the transformation into new clothing.


Next up, get on the MTR and hop off at Kwai Fong Station just a few stops over.

Right next to the station, the seemingly lacklustre Kwai Chung Plaza has a universe of down-to-earth products and snacks to be explored.

Hit up 1foodtruck for some grab-and-go pasta, or try the hot and sour glass noodles at the ever-popular Tung Mun Ding.

Those with a sweet tooth can round off their meal with a selection of freshly baked puddings from Deerlicious Pudding.

Now that you’ve got lunch taken care of, it’s time for some serious shopping!

Housing a range of trendy garments and accessories mostly imported from Korea and China, every shop is stocked with heaps of bargain pieces in every style. As you dig through rack after rack of quick fashion finds, keep in mind that most of these clothes are free sized, so be sure to ask if they have a changing room for you to try before you buy.


Before heading off to the airport, make a stop at Tung Chung for some last-minute discount shopping at Citygate Outlets.
動身去機場前,東涌東薈城名店倉 全年提供折扣優惠,讓你購物至最後一秒。

With over 80 international brand names including Coach, Michael Kors, Burberry, and Armani, all with year-round discounts, you can get your hands on everything from discount watches to discontinued handbags that you can’t find in any other stores, making this the perfect place to burn your leftover cash.
這裡有CoachMichael KorsBurberryArmani等80多個世界品牌,無論是折扣名牌手錶,或是別處找不到、已經停產的手提包,都可以在這裡買到。如果旅行基金還有餘額,那現在就是把它們變成心愛好物、滿載而歸的時候啦!

Hong Kong Arts Centre - The relevant destination for arts and creative inspirations in Hong Kong
香港藝術中心簡介──彰顯多元藝術 、薈萃創意靈感

HKAC is a multi-arts centre that fosters artistic exchanges locally and internationally, bringing the most forward creations to Hong Kong and showcasing homegrown talents abroad.

HKAC stimulates innovation and promotes creativity. Being Hong Kong's only independent non-profit multi-arts institution, HKAC offers exhibitions, screenings and performances, connecting the arts of Hong Kong to the rest of the world through programmes and collaborations. In the past four decades, HKAC has been dedicated to building the local art ecosystem as well as facilitating cultural exchange between Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Aiming to make art accessible to wide public audiences, HKAC has presented over 2,000 programmes covering performing arts, visual arts, film and video arts, public art projects, art conferences, art festivals and more.
作為本地首個非政府、獨立自主的非牟利多元藝術機構,一直致力鼓勵、推廣創意, 竭力促進本地與國際的藝術交流;透過舉辦不同形式的藝術活動及跨界合作,把香港和世界聯繫起來。 過去四十年間,香港藝術中心致力於推動本地藝術與國際文化交流,籌辦逾兩千個以上節目包含視覺藝術表演藝術影像與數位藝術公共藝術講座論壇藝術節等等,介紹並推廣多元藝術類型給廣大公眾。

HKAC's education arm, the Hong Kong Art School (HKAS), was born in 2000 as an accredited institute staffed by a group of dedicated artists for the fostering of new talents for the local art scene.

Its award-bearing curriculum focuses on four core academic areas: Fine Art, Applied Art, Media Art, and Applied Theatre and Drama Education.

HKAC also diligently builds platforms at home and overseas to showcase potential local talents through measures such as curating exhibitions and commissioning projects.

At the juncture of its 40th anniversary, HKAC launched a rebranding and renovation project to strengthen its core concept of 'Arts at the Centre' and to continue to promote internationally the development of Asian contemporary arts as well as the local art scene.


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Where modern architecture meets history

Written by Localiiz

In recent years, West Kowloon has taken on a postmodernist sheen as Hong Kong's newest arts hub, but it's interesting to note that under all the glitz and glamour, this remains one of our city's oldest neighbourhoods.

Boasting structures that date back to the 1800s, there is a surprising amount of history to be gleaned from the area's architecture, with vestiges of a bygone era still unchangingly rooted within a city that has evolved around them.

Let us bring you zigzagging through the streets of West Kowloon, where you can expect to see Art Deco designs, Victorian Gothic giants, Neoclassical structures, and modern architectural wonders all in one leisurely stroll.

Yau Ma Tei Theatre

Start this walking tour at Yau Ma Tei Theatre on the crossroads of Waterloo Road and Reclamation Street.

Built around 1930, this structure is the only surviving pre-World War II theatre in Kowloon. It aims to provide entertainment services for people from the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market and Temple Street area.

Standing low amongst its loftier neighbours, the theatre was designed with a mixture of Classicism and Art Deco style characteristics, with a front entrance flanked by two pillars etched with laughing and crying faces, a proscenium arch, a Chinese-style pitched roof, an Art Deco facade, and a classical pediment.

Address: 6 Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei


Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market

Just across the road from the Yau Ma Tei Theatre lies the sprawling and frenetic Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market, better known to Hongkongers as Gwo Laan (果欄; fruit wholesaler).

It may look just like any other roadside market, but Gwo Laan has been historically significant as an integral part of local living since it was first built in 1913, supplying fresh produce to the neighbourhood.

Following the opening of other markets in the 1960s, Gwo Laan has narrowed its focus to just fruits.

Consisting of rows of one- and two-storey brick and stone buildings built in an Art Deco style, Gwo Laan also boasts architectural features that remain in the typical construction style of the 1950s and 1960s, now rarely seen elsewhere.

See if you can spot the name plaques decorating the shophouses, bearing the monikers of different businesses that are often as old as the buildings themselves.

Address: Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market, Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei

Red Brick Building

Next, head down Shek Lung Street to reach the Red Brick Building, which housed the Overseers’ Quarters and service facilities of the Former Pumping Station.

More commonly known as the Red Brick Building, it is architecturally distinctive in its red brick exterior, striking a bold contrast against its modern, sky-scraping neighbours.
In fact, this is the only structure that remains of the former pumping station built in 1895 — one of the oldest in Hong Kong!

After the station ceased operations in 1911, its various buildings were demolished, with the exception of the still-standing Red Brick Building, which was granted a Grade I historic building classification in 2000. The building continued serving the community by converting to different purposes. It was eventually transformed into an office for the Yau Ma Tei Theatre just across the way.

Apart from its recognisable red brick façade, look out also for its pleasing architectural elements, such as cast-iron hopper heads, arched verandahs, and cast-iron rainwater pipes.

Address: 8 Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei


Come visit the newly presented interactive mini exhibition: Your Memories with the Timeless Theatre at the Red Brick Building to find out more about the building’s history.

Tin Hau Temple, Yau Ma Tei

In the middle of the kitchenware shops that line Shanghai Street lies an unexpected patch of calm in the Tin Hau Temple, the largest temple complex dedicated to Tin Hau in Kowloon.

Erected around 1865, this was originally a small temple in the area now known as Kwun Chung Market, and was relocated to its current spot by the boat people and villagers who lived in Yau Ma Tei. As Hong Kong was originally a fishing community, many Tin Hau temples were erected along the waterfront for seafarers to pray for safety on voyages.

This particular one marks where the old Yau Ma Tei shoreline used to be before land reclamation shifted it almost three kilometres inland.

Comprising of five adjacent buildings, the temple compounds served as a place of worship as well as a free school up until 1955. Its architectural style is that of the Qing dynasty (1644–1911), featuring an entrance porch with drum platforms, two halls with three bays, and a courtyard between the halls.

In July 2020, the school was renovated and revitalised into a self-service bookstore.

Enter through the doorway on Public Square Street and spot the historic Shiwan ceramic figurines and the Nine-Dragon Wall. Covered in decorative reliefs of Chinese dragons, it’s typically found in imperial Chinese palaces and gardens.

On the 23rd day of the third month of the Lunar calendar (usually May in the Gregorian calendar), the Tin Hau Temple hosts the Tin Hau Festival, paying tribute to one of Hong Kong’s most popular deities.

Address: Temple Street, Public Square Street, Yau Ma Tei


Former Yau Ma Tei Police Station

A little further down the street lies the Former Yau Ma Tei Police Station, built in 1922 with Edwardian architecture in mind.

Its main entrance is a semi-circular portico set in an indented corner of the building — such indented corners are often designed this way to promote good feng shui.

Constructed in Edwardian Freestyle, an extension wing was added on to the west side of the Neoclassical Main Block to serve as barracks after World War II.

Fans of Jackie Chan may also recognise the building from when it was featured in Rush Hour 2!
如果你是港產片影迷,或是成龍的粉絲,一定能一眼認出這裡就是電影《尖峰時刻2》 (港譯: 火拼時速2/ Rush Hour 2) 的取景地。

The station itself has been closed since mid-2016, with policing duties carried out from a newer station on Yau Cheung Road instead. Of the whole compound, only a small reporting centre remains open to the public.

Address: 627 Canton Road, Yau Ma Tei


176–178 Shanghai Street


Few buildings left in Hong Kong still have a covered terrace on the ground floor in the style of old shophouses, but the building which stands on 176–178 Shanghai Street is one of them. Known locally as tong lau (唐樓) — literally meaning ‘Chinese building’ — they were mainly occupied by Chinese merchants back in the day.

A large sign on top of the building bears the numerals ‘1940’, its year of construction, though the four-storey tenement building has since been refurbished. It currently houses a traditional pawn shop, which in itself is a bit of a sunset industry.

Both sides of the building feature a neon sign in the traditional figure of pawn shops: a stylised, upside-down bat clutching a coin.

The characters for the bat’s Chinese name (蝠) and good fortune (福), and ‘to turn around’ (倒) and ‘to arrive’ (到) are homophones, auspiciously alluding to the arrival of good fortune.

Address: 176–178 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei

Kowloon Union Church

Built in 1930 by the London Missionary Society, the Kowloon Union Church is one of the earliest inter-denominational churches in Hong Kong. As with other architectural sights in the city, this building boasts a mix of East and West in its design.
除了傳統中式風格,西九龍也不乏中西特色相容的建築。九龍佑寧堂 於1930年建成,是香港最早的跨宗派教會之一。

The red brick and granite structure was fashioned in a Gothic style, but also contains Asian elements, such as a Chinese tiled pitched roof. Its stained-glass windows above the central altar were inspired by the shape of the bagua eight trigrams prevalent in Taoism.

The double hammer-beam timber roof trusses are a rare feature as well.

A proud mix of Chinese and Western, its unique appearance is a reflection of Hong Kong itself.

Address: 4 Jordan Road, Yau Ma Tei


Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

Spectacular art and architecture can be found in the unlikeliest places, and the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station is one such destination. Featuring a colossal structure with a streamlined silhouette, the station was constructed using 8,000 tonnes of steel and over 4,000 pieces of glazing panels to enhance natural lighting.

The harmonious and curved lines on the rooftop Sky Corridor and Sightseeing Deck echo the ocean waves lapping at the harbour.

That's not where all the art ends -- inside the station, you can discover large-scale artworks galore from acclaimed Asian talents, ranging from a natural flora installation by contemporary Chinese artist Qiu Zhijie to a neon-soaked visual ode to the streets of Hong Kong by graphic designer Javin Mo.
站內展示多件藝術品,包括知名藝術家邱志傑 的「香港文化地圖」和本地平面設計師毛灼然的「迷失霓虹」。

Address: West Kowloon Station, Jordan


Xiqu Centre

Completed in 2019, Xiqu Centre is a space dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of Chinese opera.

Though unmistakeably contemporary, the Xiqu Centre also blends in the traditional to reflect the evolving nature of art.

The best way to appreciate this landmark is with a visit to the Tea House Theatre Experience, a narrated programme which hosts a new selection of Cantonese opera excerpts and songs with Chinese and English subtitles for ease of understanding.

You can also join a Xiqu Centre Guided Tour to learn about its architectural and design features, and discover fascinating stories behind the traditional art form.

Time your visit with one of the Xiqu Centre's various events and seasonal festivities for the full experience!

Address:88 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui


Hong Kong Museum of History

Venture along Austin Road and continue your exploration of history and architecture at the Hong Kong Museum of History, the leading preserver of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage.

Exhibitions at the museum tell of the city’s transformation from a humble fishing village to the bustling metropolis it is today, featuring fascinating artefacts and photos that allow for a glimpse back into the not-so-distant past!
館中的展覽內容包括講述香港從小漁村發展至國際大都會的歷程,而遊客更可以從各式精緻的手工製品和相片中一瞥這座都市新鮮卻不乏質感 的歷史。

Address: 100 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui


To the rescue in Siberia

Multiple teams worked together efficiently to rescue a Boeing 777 from Novosibirsk; the quick recovery earned praises from customers
多支團隊合力 快速拯救滯留新西伯利亞機場的B777客機 ,這次迅速救援贏得乘客好評

Collaborative efforts between FOP, ISD, IOC, HKIA, HAS and HAECO recognised in a luncheon hosted by senior leaders in January
上月高級管理人員特設午宴. 表揚航務機艙服務綜合運作中心香港國際機場香港機場地勤服務港機工程等多方的齊心努力

“Attention. ISM to the cockpit.”

On hearing this, Inflight Service Manager Manuel Rosales and his team onboard B-KPU from London on 22 November quickly sprang into action and did their well-trained best – they had only 10 minutes to prepare the cabin for landing in Novosibirsk, Siberia.
2016年11月26日,於CX250倫敦飛香港班機上執勤的機艙服務經理Manuel Rosales及其團隊聽到此廣播訊息後,迅速作出反應,訓練有素的團隊全力配合行動—他們只有十分鐘時間為航班降落新西伯利亞(OVB)機場進行準備。

He says: “Without knowledge of the terminal condition, the crew advised passengers to disembark with their blankets.

Our crew also grabbed supplies from the plane to prepare for any eventualities.”

Earlier on the flight deck, a few hours into the flight, Captain Johnny Wu saw the warning message “FIRE CARGO AFT”.
稍早前,在航班從倫敦出發後數小時,機長Johnny Wu注意到「機尾貨艙火警」警告訊號亮起。

He, along with First Officer Jeff Pedersen, quickly initiated a diversion. In 10 minutes, the plane had landed safely with passengers disembarking normally.
Johnny與首副機長Jeff Pedersen馬上安排航班縳飛至就近機場,十分鐘後航機安全著陸,乘客如常安然下機。

Since B-KPU could no longer continue on to Hong Kong with passengers and cargo, a team from HKIA, HAECO and a set of relief crew were quickly assembled to depart with a plane-load of meals, tools and supplies.

Former Country Manager Russia Patrick Garrett was in Hong Kong working his connections to expedite the recovery; he even persuaded his wife, Tasha (a non-Cathay employee) to go along as a Russian interpreter.
身處香港的前俄羅斯地區經理Patrick Garrett利用其關係加快救援行動進度,他甚至説服了妻子Tasha(一位非國泰員工)前往擔任俄語傳譯。

Putting our customers at the focus of the recovery, our people’s effort (see below), certainly did not go unnoticed. Upon landing in Hong Kong, passengers erupted into a round of applause.

Hand carry

When passengers disembarked, they left all their hand luggage in the overheads.

FO Jeff Pedersen and SO Nelson Lui removed all bags from the overheads, tagged them individually, before loading each one laboriously onto the rescue aircraft– much to the delight and surprise of all passengers who did not expect this kind gesture.
副機長Jeff Pedersen與二副機長Nelson Lui把所有行李從行李格中拿出來, 逐件加上標籤,然後按次序地把行李重新安放至授載他們的客機上。獲得這樣的禮遇,令乘客們感到驚喜。

A 33-hour long duty

FO Andy Spiret understood the repercussions of exposing an aircraft in extreme elements, and he, along with Nelson, ran systems and hydraulics all night voluntarily for 20-hours to avoid an extensive AOG in a non-Cathay port.
首副機長Andy Spiret深諳航機暴露在極端天氣狀況下可能引發的後果。他和Andy自願耗費20小時把飛航和液壓系統通宵啟動,以避免航機要留在非國泰外站進行大規模的修復工程

Give it a push!

HAECO engineers Allan Tam and Anson Leung were working in the hangar when they were paged for the rescue.
港機工程的工程師Allan Tam和Anson Leung飛機庫工作時,收到救援突發通知。

They soon found themselves working in the extreme elements in denim, when the challenging conditions – cold hands, thick snow, and language barrier – meant that “everything took four times the time to do”.

The duo also took over from Andy and Nelson to work all the aircraft’s systems until the plane was ready to go.

Stuck on an aerobridge

On arrival, the HKIA and HAS team who went there to assist with boarding was barred from leaving the aerobridge.

They ended up squashed behind a highly guarded and narrow gate without even access to a service table.

The team shouted from behind the gate under close scrutiny of burly security staff.

The team’s challenges did not escape the passengers’ notice, as they were thanked for “doing what they could to bring a sense of relief for everyone”.

Language barrier

When the team tried to disembark from the relief flight, the atmosphere was very tense.

It took Tasha (pictured right) a long time to liaise with officials before everyone could get on with their jobs.

Tasha was the busiest person throughout the whole rescue: she was needed in the terminal, above and under the wing.

Without Tasha, the rescue would have been nearly impossible.

The Four Seasons

一樓 趙少昂藝術館
1/F Chao Shao-an Gallery

康樂及文化事務署主辦 香港文化博物館籌劃
Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department Organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Nature has a wonderful rhythm; the seasons come and go along with their changing scenes.

Have you ever experienced the beauty of nature?

Professor Chao Shao-an immersed himself in the inspiration of nature throughout his life. With nature as his mentor, he observed the natural world meticulously, with a unique vision to discover the ultimate beauty. He captured its essence, using superb painting skills to create unique works of art.

His brushes created flowers in full bloom, dazzling in their brilliance. His favourite noble cicadas sing loudly and clearly in the summer willows, with red lychees in abundance, the fruit of the season. Depicting a rich autumn harvest, he painted fisherman along the reed shore. He admired the plum blossoms in moonlight and enjoyed the serenity of dreamlike winter snow.

Professor Chao realised that a harmonious life could be found in the seasonal changes and in his feelings of coexistence with nature, exemplified in his words: "I only wish I could be at leisure."

In this exhibition, with the four seasons as the theme, a selection of around 40 paintings have been chosen from our collection. So let Professor Chao lead you to the beauty of the four seasons with the poetic scenery he created.

Exhibit Highlights

Chinese trumpet creeper
1968年 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
1968 Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
無年款 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
Not dated Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum

1970年 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
1970 Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum

約1991年 水墨紙本 香港文化博物館藏品
c. 1991 Ink on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Tiger lily
1966年 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
1966 Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
無年款 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
Not dated Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Jumping frog
1993年 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
1993 Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Plum in the misty night
1967年 水墨設色紙本橫幅 香港文化博物館藏品
1967 Horizontal scroll, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
無年款 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
Not dated Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Three friends of winter: pine, bamboo and plum blossoms
1987年 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
1987 Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1970年 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
1970 Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Kapok blossoms
1982年 水墨設色紙本直幅 香港文化博物館藏品
1982 Vertical scroll, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Little bird on maiden-hair tree branch
1981年 水墨設色紙本直幅 香港文化博物館藏品
1981 Vertical scroll, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Landscape in winter
無年款 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
Not dated Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Bird in autumn
無年款 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
Not dated Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum

無年款 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
Not dated Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Bird on winter pine
1944年 水墨設色紙本立軸 香港文化博物館藏品
1944 Hanging scroll, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
無年款 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
Not dated Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Crabapple blossoms
無年款 水墨設色紙本冊頁 香港文化博物館藏品
Not dated Album leaf, ink and colour on paper Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Children's Discovery Gallery

本館適合小朋友參觀,其中大部份展品特別為4至10歲的兒童設計。 在這裡,小朋友會發現大自然的奇妙揭開考古的奧秘體驗香港昔日的情懷
With most of exhibits specially designed for children aged 4 to 10, this gallery offers a fun way for kids to learn about the wonders of nature, discover the mysteries of archaeology and experience some sweet memories of Hong Kong.

The gallery consists of eight learning playzones that let the children roam through the Mai Po Marshes, penetrate deep underground and dive into the ocean to get to know birds, insects and sea creatures. They can take a look at the work of local archaeologists and discover for themselves the artifacts excavated in Hong Kong in a series of games specially conceived for them. Plus, they can explore life in a traditional New Territories village, make friends with other children and play some old but exciting and challenging games with their families.

In addition, the exhibition Hong Kong Toy Story introduces the development of local toys and allows you to recapture some childhood memories.

A hands-on area is set up for playing toys in the gallery to add much fun to the visitors.

Everybody is guaranteed a great time in this innovative and interactive gallery!

Explore Mai Po wetland and you will get to know special animal species.

小朋友化身為小村民,在農村生活學習區內 體會昔日農村生活
Children can explore the village life in the old times in Life in a Village learning playzone.

Computer game at Undersea Garden learning playzone.

Exhibit Highlights

傢俱套裝 香港製造 1970年代 17.4﹝長﹞x 7.3﹝闊﹞x 8.1﹝高﹞厘米
Furniture Set Made in Hong Kong 1970s 17.4 (L) x 7.3 (W) x 8.1 (H) cm
This toy set is a good resource for studying the history of toys. The photograph on the box also presents a common household design in the 1970s.
Zeroids 香港製造 1970年代 9.5﹝長﹞x 8.5﹝闊﹞x 16.5﹝高﹞厘米
Zeroids Made in Hong Kong 1970s 9.5 (L) x 8.5 (W) x 16.5 (H) cm
Zeroids 機械人系列一套三款,是香港廠商為玩具名牌"Ideal"生產的優質玩具,底部用履帶帶動,並使用較細小的電池,設計精美。
The "Zeroids" series consisted of 3 robot figures. A high-quality toy produced by Hong Kong manufacturers for the famous "Ideal" brand, these attractively designed robots were moved by caterpillars powered by small batteries.

Children Discovery Gallery Activity Sheets

實驗實驗展 榮念曾創作50年
X-Xperimenting Exhibition Danny Yung 50 Year Creations

一樓 專題展覽館一及二、庭院及迴廊 2021年11月17日 – 2022年3月14日
1/F Thematic Galleries 1 & 2, Courtyard & Corridor 17 November 2021 – 14 March 2022

康樂及文化事務署及進念•二十面體聯合主辦 香港文化博物館及進念•二十面體聯合籌劃
Jointly presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Zuni Icosahedron Jointly organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Zuni Icosahedron

Guest Curators: Freeman Lau, Mathias Woo and Wong Yue-wai

Danny Yung is a trailblazer in the advocacy of international cultural exchange and development. Before his return to Hong Kong from New York in the 1970s, he adopted crystalized thought in the vital inter-relationship among research, exchange and policy advocacy. Besides devoting himself to theatre-making and Tian Tian Xiang Shang (TTXS), he has initiated a number of international cultural exchange platforms, such as the International Network of Cultural Diversity, Asia Arts Net, the World Culture Forum, the Conference of Asian Foundations and Organisations, and the City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference, which have helped lay a solid foundation for Hong Kong as a hub of international cultural exchange.

榮念曾亦是實驗藝術的先驅,他於1970年代開展跨媒體藝術創作,包括電影、漫畫、裝置、錄像、舞台與概念藝術,並於1982年參與成立藝術團體進念•二十面體,同年帶團到台北演出交流,現為進念•二十面體 的聯合藝術總監
Danny has been an experimental art pioneer for over 50 years. Since the 1970s, he has been keen on cross-media art creations, including film, comics, installations, video, theatre and conceptual art . In 1982, he co-founded Zuni Icosahedron (Zuni), the epitome of experimental art in Hong Kong, and led the team to Taipei for performances and cultural exchange in the same year.

The present Co-Artistic Director of Zuni, Danny has established various platforms for exchange and experimental art creations on- and off-stage. For over 50 years, Danny's devotion to fostering cross-cultural experimentation and exchange has persisted.

In return, with the unwavering support he has received from a generous number of invited artists of various backgrounds, regions and cultures, a rich body of works involving cross-media creations and dialogues has been created.

是次展覽是榮氏經典創作的重塑延伸,包括曾在香港 及柏林展出的《錄像圈》、在美國華盛頓國家廣場展出的《天天向上》大型竹棚花牌裝置、在歐美亞洲創作及展出的《天天向上》 概念漫畫塑像
This exhibition is a re-construction and re-imagination of some of Danny's classic works of art, including Video Circle, which was exhibited in Hong Kong and Berlin; Tian Tian Xiang Shang, a large-scale flower plaque bamboo installation, which was exhibited at the National Mall in Washington, DC, US; and Tian Tian Xiang Shang conceptual comics and figurines, which were co-created and exhibited in Europe, America and Asia.

Renowned designer Freeman Lau, Zuni's Co-Artistic Director cum Executive Director Mathias Woo, and Zuni's International Exchange Director Wong Yue-wai are the guest curators of the exhibition. On display will be Danny's visions and contributions in various areas, including cross-media and experimental art, visual and performing arts, art criticism, cultural advocacy, and the preservation and development of traditional craftsmanship.

Welcome to download the exhibition booklet

Exhibit Videos

Exhibit Highlights

榮念曾以2014年為美國史密森尼民俗節創作的大型竹棚花牌裝置為基礎, 於2021年在香港文化博物館庭院創作《入門需知 — 花牌秘密花園》, 作品結合香港傳統竹棚和花牌紮作工藝, 將傳統與當代創造力融合在一起。
Based on the large-scale flower plaque bamboo installation exhibited in the 48th Smithsonian Folklife Festival in the US in 2014, Danny Yung created another similar installation, GATEWAY – Flower Plaque Secret Garden, in the Courtyard of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum by combining the traditional craftsmanship of bamboo scaffolding and flower plaque with contemporary creativity.

Danny Yung and his "Tian Tian" figure

Over the years, Danny Yung invited people from different backgrounds to design their own Tian Tian figurines and create nine-frame comic as a collaborative project.

Video Circle is composed of 32 television sets arranged in a circle. Each participating artist from different cities was asked to produce a three-minute video.

每部電視機播放相同的影片,但都不是同步放映,不是同步結束。 電視的影像在圈中不斷流動,構成一個影像萬花筒。
The same set of videos is played on each television with delay in time which makes the images flow in the loop endlessly like a kaleidoscope.

Video Square by Mathias Woo is a tribute to Danny Yung's Video Circle.

A Glimpse of TSUI's Collection

二樓 徐展堂中國藝術館
2/F T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art

Co-operating with The Tsui Art Foundation, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum has selected outstanding items from the Foundation's collection to share the late Dr T. T. Tsui's interests and tastes for public appreciation.

Other fine works of the applied arts are also on display.

Foremost among them are two complete sets of porcelain month cups made in the imperial kiln in Jingdezhen during the reign of Emperor Kangxi.

Each set consists of twelve cups made of eggshell porcelain, each cup painted with a flower of the month and accompanied by a poem.

Other exhibits include jade carvings and accessories, some of which were kept by Dr Tsui in his office as personal favourites. Also featured are textile panels and wooden objects with semi-precious stones inlay.

The Museum also features from its collection items of jade and gold to complement the display.

Exhibition Pamphlets

Exhibit Highlights

Grey pottery duck-shaped vessel with painted decoration
西漢(公元前206年至公元25年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Western Han dynasty (BC 206 – 25 AD) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Red pottery dog with painted decoration
漢(公元前206年至公元220年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Han dynasty (BC 206 – 220AD) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
A Glimpse of Tsui's Collection
黃永玉(1924 – ) 1995年 水墨設色紙本十開冊 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Huang Yongyu (1924 – ) 1995 Album of 10 leaves, ink and colour on paper Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Porcelain cup painted with prunus in wucai enamels (the first month cup)
清 康熙(1662 – 1722年) 「大清康熙年製」款 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Mark and period of Kangxi (1662 – 1722), Qing dynasty Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Porcelain cup painted with apricot blossom in wucai enamels (the second month cup)
清 康熙(1662 – 1722年) 「大清康熙年製」款 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Mark and period of Kangxi (1662 – 1722), Qing dynasty Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Porcelain cup painted with tree peony in wucai enamels (the fourth month cup)
清 康熙(1662 – 1722年) 「大清康熙年製」款 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Mark and period of Kangxi (1662 – 1722), Qing dynasty Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Gold hairpin in flower shape
明代(1368 – 1644年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Ming dynasty (1368 – 1644) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Kesi tapestry weave panel with peony and bird
十八至十九世紀 徐氏藝術基金藏品
18th-19th century Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Jade ornament with flowers and wan characters
清代(1644 – 1911年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Jade finial carved as mandarind duck with lotus
清代(1644 – 1911年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Wooden box in leaf shape with semi-precious stone inlay of autumn insect design
清代(1644 – 1911年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Wooden box with semi-precious stone inlay of rose and bird design
清代(1644 – 1911年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Kesi tapestry weave panel of Eight Immortals attending banquet
清代(1644 – 1911年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
蔣溥(1708 – 1761年) 清代 水墨設色紙本扇面 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Jiang Pu (1708 – 1761) Qing dynasty Ink and colour on paper fan Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Embroidered panel with lion and ball motif
約1800年 徐氏藝術基金藏品
1800 Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Circular jade ornament carved with dragon amidst clouds motif
清代(1644 – 1911年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Jade pendant in butterfly shape
清代(1644 – 1911年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Jade goose and gosling carved in the round
清代(1644 – 1911年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Jade ornament carved with silkworms and mulberry leaves in openwork
清代(1644 – 1911年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Porcelain cup painted with peach blossom in wucai enamels (the third month cup)
清 康熙(1662 – 1722年) 「大清康熙年製」款 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Mark and period of Kangxi (1662 – 1722), Qing dynasty Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Jade goose with prunus
清代(1644 – 1911年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation
Wooden box with semi-precious stone inlay of butterfly and narcissus design
清代(1644 – 1911年) 徐氏藝術基金藏品
Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) Collection of The Tsui Art Foundation

Exhibition Shots

平凡•不平凡 ― 李小龍
A Man Beyond the Ordinary: Bruce Lee

二樓 專題展覽館六 2021年11月28日起
2/F Thematic Gallery 6 28 November 2021 onwards

康樂及文化事務署主辦 李小龍基金會與香港文化博物館聯合籌劃 星空華文傳媒電影有限公司贊助
Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department Jointly organised by Bruce Lee Foundation and Hong Kong Heritage Museum Sponsored by Fortune Star Media Limited

李小龍(1940–1973)原名李鎮藩,以「Bruce Lee」之名蜚聲國際的巨星
Internationally renowned megastar Bruce Lee (1940–1973) was born Lee Jun-fon, in the United States.

Educated in Hong Kong and the US, he founded the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in the US and introduced Chinese kung fu to the American public through television and film. In 1971, he returned to Hong Kong and made five films, which became classics. He combined various schools of martial arts to create what is known as his Jeet Kune Do.

Behind the spotlight, the megastar loved his family and enjoyed reading. He expressed his emotions and ideas in letters and other types of writing.

Through daily training and reflection, he went beyond his limits and became a global legend.

In collaboration with the Bruce Lee Foundation, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum presents some 400 invaluable items of Bruce Lee memorabilia in the exhibition titled "A Man Beyond the Ordinary: Bruce Lee", with large-scale multimedia and interactive programmes. His films, martial arts achievements and life story show how Lee Jun-fon's perseverance gave birth to the legend that is Bruce Lee.

請 按此 瀏覽展覽專題網站。
Please click here to browse the exhibition website.

T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art

"Antiquities are history, and provide knowledge that cannot be found in most books.

Knowledge of the past serves as a mirror for the present, it has a silent transforming influence, cultivates happiness and contentment, confers enduring benefits and provides endless pleasure."

– Interview with Dr. T. T. Tsui in The Mirror (1995)

The T. T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art was established in gratitude for Dr. T.T. Tsui for donating over 700 pieces of his private collection to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

Works of art and antiquities ranging from ceramics, pottery sculptures to bronzes are displayed long-term in the gallery for public appreciation.

In order to bring visitors closer to the exhibits, 30 objects in the gallery are highlighted, focusing on four aspects of life: Food and Drink, Entertainment, Belief, and Animals. Visitors can explore one or more themes and get insights into living in the past.

Discovering the Past:

徐展堂中國藝術館藏品選萃 第一部分 第二部分
Selected Treasures from the T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art Part 1 Part 2

A Glimpse of TSUI's Collection

Exhibit Highlights

Ding food vessel with kui-dragon design
東周(公元前770-前256) 徐氏藝術基金捐贈
Eastern Zhou (770 – 256BC) Donation of The Tsui Art Foundation
Set of figures playing liubo chess game in green glaze
東漢(25-220) 徐氏藝術基金捐贈
Eastern Han Dynasty (25 – 220) Donation of The Tsui Art Foundation
Tomb guardian beast in sancai glaze
唐代(618-907) 徐氏藝術基金捐贈
Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) Donation of The Tsui Art Foundation
Water-pot in shape of cat in amber glaze
遼代(916-1125) 徐氏藝術基金捐贈
Liao Dynasty (916 – 1125) Donation of The Tsui Art Foundation

Hong Kong Pop 60+

一樓 常設展館 2021年7月28日 –
1/F Permanent Gallery 28 July 2021 –

康樂及文化事務署主辦 香港文化博物館籌劃
Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department Organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Situated on China's southern border, Hong Kong took advantage of its unique geographical position and historical background to become a renowned international metropolis, where East meets West and diversity thrives.

The story of Hong Kong popular culture began with the boundless creativity sparked by the post-war baby boom and economic take-off, cultural exchanges with other regions, and talented and adventurous artists.

Over time, in tandem with the continued growth of mass media, Hong Kong popular culture developed different features as trends evolved.

This exhibition, titled Hong Kong Pop 60+, focuses on the development of Hong Kong popular music, film, and television and radio programmes, as well as comics and toys, from the end of the Second World War to the early 2000s.

It illustrates the development of Hong Kong popular culture, featuring more than 1,000 exhibits and introducing their social backgrounds and artistic features.

The exhibition encourages visitors to explore Hong Kong's past, while inspiring us to preserve Hong Kong's diverse culture and create a better future.

Special Programmes

Online Programmes

Stars Sharing

Audio Tour

Exhibition Booklet

Exhibit Highlights

Film poster for A Better Tomorrow
1986年 © 2010 星空華文傳媒電影有限公司保留所有權利
1986 © 2010 Fortune Star Media Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Wong Ka-kui's acoustic guitar
1970年代後期 黃家強先生捐贈
Late 1970s Donated by Mr Steve Wong Ka-keung
Coloured sketch of a poster for Aces Go Places III
1984年 阮大勇先生提供
1984 Courtesy of Mr Yuen Tai-yung
Anita Mui's Stage Costume
2003年 劉培基先生捐贈
2003 Donated by Mr Eddie Lau
Josephine Siao Fong-fong's mini dress
1960年代 蕭芳芳博士捐贈
1960s Donated by Dr Siao Fong-fong
Free-standing radio
1960年代 詠藜園四川擔擔麵捐贈
1960s Donated by Wing Lai Yuen Sichuan Noodles
Free-standing television set
1970年代初 詠藜園四川擔擔麵捐贈
Early 1970s Donated by Wing Lai Yuen Sichuan Noodles
Vinyl record of Games Gamblers Play
1974年 王潔筠女士捐贈
1974 Donated by Ms Wong Kit-kwan
Leslie Cheung's stage costume
2000年 唐鶴德先生提供 陳淑芬女士代行
2000 Courtesy of Mr Daffy Tong Care of Mrs Florence Chan
Film poster for The House of 72 Tenants
1973年 香港電影資料館提供 版權由天映娛樂有限公司全部擁有
1973 Courtesy of Hong Kong Film Archive © Celestial Pictures Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Commercial Television Weekly, issue 34
1976年 莊淑琪女士提供
1976 Courtesy of Ms Chong Shuk-kei
Trophy for Champion Award of Japan for Singers, won by Roman Tam
1975年 譚明玉女士捐贈
1975 Donated by Ms Tam Ming-yuk
Vinyl record of Love Without End
1960年代 何淑英女士捐贈
1960s Donated by Ms Ho Shuk-ying
Film poster for Games Gamblers Play
1970年代後期 © 2010 星空華文傳媒電影有限公司 保留所有權利
Late 1970s © 2010 Fortune Star Media Limited. All Rights Reserved.
「蓮花樂隊」 《Just a Little.Spoonful of Sugar》黑膠唱片
Vinyl record of Just a Little.Spoonful of Sugar by The Lotus
1967年 莊淑琪女士提供
1967 Courtesy of Ms Chong Shuk-kei
譚詠麟 《愛的根源》黑膠唱片
Vinyl record of Source of Love by Alan Tam
陳百強《第十六屆十大中文金曲頒獎音樂會》中 獲追頒「無休止符紀念獎」
Danny Chan was posthumously awarded the Most Unforgettable Melody Maker Award at The 16th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Presentation Concert.
1993年 蕭雅麗女士提供
1993 Courtesy of Ms Siu Nga-lai
Admission ticket to the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 1973
1973年 吳貴龍先生提供
1973 Courtesy of Mr Ng Kwai-lung
Trophy for the Ultimate Male Artiste Gold Award, won by Leslie Cheung
1988年 唐鶴德先生提供 陳淑芬女士代行
1988 Courtesy of Mr Daffy Tong Care of Mrs Florence Chan
Anita Mui wore this stage costume at the concert Anita Classic Moment Live 2003
2003年 劉培基先生捐贈
2003 Donated by Mr Eddie Lau

Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall

Showcasing operatic treasures from the museum's collection, including valuable items once used by renowned Cantonese opera artists, together with a reconstructed theatre in a bamboo shed and a variety of multimedia programmes, this gallery offers a wonderful insight into the history and unique characteristics of Cantonese opera.

紅伶閣展區現正展出 「戲裏戲外—細說關德興傳奇」,透過戲服戲橋相片等精選藏品,讓觀眾重溫關德興的精彩傳奇故事。
An exhibition entitled " The Legend of Kwan Tak-hing – On Stage, On Screen and Off " is on display at the Artist's Corner, showcasing the highlights of costumes, postbills and photos from the collection of the renowned Cantonese opera star, Kwan Tak-hing, to give the audience an opportunity to revisit his legendary life and career.

Exhibit Highlights

Special film issue, Two Heroes
鄧碧雲麥炳榮羽佳梁醒波李香琴等主演 1961年12月3日首映 翟羽佳先生捐贈
Main Cast: Tang Pik Wan, Mak Bing Wing, Yu Kai, Leung Seng Po, Lee Heung Kum Premiered on 3 December 1961 Donated by Mr. Chak Yu-kai
「雛鳳鳴劇團」 第二屆公演特刊
Special Issue of the 2nd Performance of the Chor Fung Ming Opera Troupe
1969年 何志馨女士捐贈
1969 Donated by Ms. Ho Chi-hing
Performance Contract of the Jiqing Guild
1919年 這合同是研究早期紅船戲班的珍貴資料。 各鄉必須透過吉慶公所聘請戲班演出。 梁沛錦博士捐贈
1919 This contract is an important document for studying the early Red Boat Troupes, as anyone who wished to organize an opera performance had to employ the troupe through the Jiqing Guild. Donated by Dr. Leung Pui-kam
White Sequined Robe
1950年代至1960年代 吳君麗演出《香羅塚》所穿著的戲服。 吳君麗女士捐贈
1950s to 1960s Worn by Ng Kwan Lai when performing A Beauty's Grave. Donated by Ms. Ng Kwan Lai
Aqua Blue Gemstone Hair Accessories
1940年代至1950年代 原屬秦小梨女士 秦潤明先生捐贈
Originally belonged to Ms. Chun Siu Lei Donated by Mr. Jimmy Chung Yuen-ming
Pink Official Robe Embroidered with Butterfly Motifs
1980年代至1990年代初 林家聲演出《三夕恩情廿載仇》所穿著的戲服。 林家聲博士捐贈
1980s to Early 1990s Worn by Lam Kar Sing when performing Torn between Love and Hate. Donated by Dr. Lam Kar Sing

Jin Yong Gallery

走進金庸館 探索金庸筆下的武俠世界
The Jin Yong Gallery showcases the fantastic world of martial arts created by Jin Yong

Dr Louis Cha is a world-famous Hong Kong journalist, community leader and literary giant.

1955年他在機緣巧合下,以筆名「金庸」《新晚報》發表首部武俠小說 《書劍恩仇錄》,大受歡迎,其後他的作品一部部橫空出世,直至1972年完成《鹿鼎記》後封筆,總共寫了十五部膾炙人口的武俠小說,讀者遍及全球,是二十世紀最具影響力的武俠小說作家。
In 1955, he published his first martial arts novel The Book and the Sword, in New Evening Post, under the pen name Jin Yong The Deer and the Cauldron in 1972. Jin Yong is the most influential Chinese martial arts novel writer in the 20th century, with readers across the globe.

Jin Yong's martial arts novels have inspired producers of movies, TV series, radio dramas, stage dramas, video games and various cultural and creative products, deeply influencing the development of popular culture of Hong Kong over the past decades, and even becoming a type of common language for Chinese readers around the world.

The Gallery displays more than 300 exhibits featuring the early career of Dr Louis Cha (Jin Yong), the creative process behind his martial arts novels and the impact the novels have had on Hong Kong's popular culture.

Together with the interactive exhibits which include excerpts from films and TV drama series adapted from Jin Yong's novels, along with theme songs, the exhibition provides visitors with an opportunity to delve into the knowledge embedded in his martial arts novels.

With a view to ensuring a comfortable environment for visitors to enjoy the exhibition, we will adopt admission control on site when necessary. Your kind understanding and co-operation are much appreciated.

Exhibit Highlights

Bound Editions of The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils
1963年至1966年 謝衍文先生夫人捐贈
1963 to 1966 Donated by Mr and Mrs Herman Tse
A Couplet handwritten by Jin Yong
金庸以十四部長篇中篇小說書名的第一個字組成這副對聯, 短篇小說《越女劍》則不包括在內。 查良鏞博士(金庸)提供
Jin Yong created this couplet using the first Chinese character of the titles of his 14 novels and novellas. Only the short story, Sword of the Yue Maiden, is not included. Courtesy of Dr Louis Cha
Paperback Edition of The Giant Eagle and Its Companion
1950年代後期至1960年代初 邱健恩博士提供
Late 1950s to Early 1960s Courtesy of Dr Yau Kin-yan Clarence
Manuscripts of the New Edition of The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils
2000年代 查良鏞博士(金庸)提供
2000s Courtesy of Dr Louis Cha
Jin Yong and the Main Cast of the Film The Story of the Great Heroes
1960年 (左起)謝賢、金庸、南紅梁素琴 查良鏞博士(金庸)提供
1960 (From left) Patrick Tse, Jin Yong, Nam Hung Leung So Kam Courtesy of Dr Louis Cha>
An Illustration for The Book and the Sword by Wong Sze Ma
1970年代 查良鏞博士(金庸)提供
1970s Courtesy of Dr Louis Cha
Special Issue of TV Drama Series The Legend of the Condor Heroes I
1983年 查良鏞博士(金庸)提供
1983 Courtesy of Dr Louis Cha
《明報》 創刊號
The Inaugural Issue of Ming Pao Daily News
1959年5月20日 林偉雄先生提供
20 May 1959 Courtesy of Mr Homan Lam
The Inaugural Issue of Southeast Asia Weekly
1964年1月12日 吳貴龍先生提供
12 January 1964 Courtesy of Mr Ng Kwai-lung
Promotional Poster for the Film Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
1978年 馮瑞正先生捐贈
1978 Donated by Mr Philip Fung
李志清 《射鵰英雄傳》日文版小說封面設計原畫
The Original Illustration for the Cover of the Japanese Edition of The Eagle-shooting Heroes by Mr Lee Chi-ching
1990年代 香港文化博物館藏
1990s Collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Dr Louis Cha's Go Board and Stones
1980年代 查良鏞博士 (金庸)提供 查博士初中時就醉心於圍棋黑白子的世界,他的小說如 《書劍恩仇錄》、《碧血劍》、《天龍八部》及《笑傲江湖》中, 亦不乏精彩的對奕場面。
1980s Courtesy of Dr Louis Cha Dr Cha developed a keen interest in Go chess when he was in junior secondary school. Descriptions of exciting Go games can be found in many of his novels, such as The Book and the Sword, The Sword Stained with Royal Blood, The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils, and The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.
Record of Theme Songs for the TV Drama Series The Eagle-shooting Heroes
1976年 麥家強先生及家人捐贈
1976 Donated by Mr Mak Ka-keung and his family

Exhibition Shots

靜與動 ― 香港國際海報三年展2021
Still & Motion ― Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2021

一樓 專題展覽館三、四及五 2021年12月15日 – 2022年2月28日
1/F Thematic Galleries 3, 4 & 5 15 December 2021 – 28 February 2022

康樂及文化事務署與香港設計師協會合辦 香港文化博物館策劃
Jointly presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong Designers Association Organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Hong Kong Designers Association have jointly held the "Hong Kong International Poster Triennial" (HKIPT) since 2001. Through competitions, exhibitions and symposiums, the event documents the development of international poster design.

In addition to calling for printed posters from three categories – "Ideology", "Promotion of Cultural Events" and "Commercial and Advertising" – this is the first year the HKIPT invited designers to submit digital posters with motion features for the "Animated Poster" category. A total of 2,299 entries were submitted from 53 countries/ regions for the competition.

由專業評審團包括中國的畢學鋒先生(Bi Xuefeng)、瑞士的埃里奇。布里奇先生(Erich Brechbühl)、日本的奥村靫正先生(Yukimasa Okumura)及德國的莉莎. 龐倫格女士(Lisa Pommerenke)四位國際知名的設計師,精選出各具風格的16組獲奬作品及100組入選作品將會在展覽中亮相,同場亦會展出各評審慷慨捐贈的個人海報創作。
The professional judging panel, which included Mr Bi Xuefeng, from the People's Republic of China, Mr Erich Brechbühl, from Switzerland, Mr Yukimasa Okumura, from Japan, and Ms Lisa Pommerenke, from Germany, selected 16 award-winning posters and 100 entries for the exhibition.

Together with donated posters created by the four international graphic designers, the exhibition reflects the diverse culture and creativity of graphic designers around the world in still and motion.

Please visit the HKIPT website for details:

Facebook & Instagram:@HKIPT

World Vision Hong Kong, incorporated with limited liability, is a Christian humanitarian organisation working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty.

Reproduced with permission from WVHK. © [2022] World Vision Hong Kong. All rights reserved.